Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Season 15

In the current season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kris and Khloe bumped heads with their polar ideas of how a woman should spend her pregnancy. So, who are you? Eight dozen doughnuts a day, old school Kris or Gym addicted, girl bossing modern mum Khloe?

We’ve put together a quick questionnaire to separate the traditional mompreneurs from the  in the moment momstagrammers.

Morning Sickness

Does the thought of morning sickness make you

A) Stock up on sugar-free ginger biscuits and Dioralite; A mums still got to work B) Reach for the Duvet and declare a Duna-Day


Being pregnant you need to keep yourself well fuelled and energised. So whats your morning munch?

A) Green smoothy B) A carb on carb everything with an extra side of carb

Drinks With Your Gal Pals

Being pregnant can cause a bit of a void between yourself and friends who are not currently in the ‘family way’. Knowing how important it is to keep in with your support network, you really want to meet up. But all they want to do is drink off the woes of the working week. Do you:

A) Sack it off; it can’t be good for the baby and alcohol is empty calories which you really don’t need right now. B) Go out for one, it won’t hurt and you can always snack on the bar nibbles and a side or five.


What do they mean to you?

A) A perfectly sized meal in a pill B) My ‘See Food’ diet covers every aspect of the food spectrum and makes sure I get all the vits I need.

The Mom Bod

It’s inevitable as your pregnancy blooms and your body’s purpose changes, that it’s shape does too. Do you:

A) Freak out at the thought of gaining 20lbs B) Embrace the change and reach for the Haagen-Dazs


Mostly A’s:

You’re a Khloe K: As an independent woman, you know that yours and baby’s health and wealth is solely reliant on your body remaining the hard-hitting, work horse and power house it’s always been.

Just be careful not to over push yourself. It’s ok to let yourself rest more often than you normally would-you and your minature need it and there’s no guilt or worry to be had in indulging yourself at least once in a while.

Mostly B’s:

You’re more like the K-J matriarch Kris. For you pregnancy is the one time in life you can let go and allow yourself the freedom to give in to those cravings. It’s obviously what baby wants, right!?

Make sure to remember that pregnancy is not a wellness force field, pregnant women are susceptible to gestational diabetes especially with all those sugary cravings. A little mindful eating and exercise will do you far more good than any All You Can Eat Buffet!


Found neither relatable and both extreme; you’ll probably never have your own reality TV show, but no doubt you’ll make a very well balanced, all round mum!


This article is purely for fun! We neither endorse or represent the Kardashians, their actions or parenting style. We firmly believe that all mums have the right to parent their way. This article is in no way written as a serious guide to parenting.

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