Wardrobing: Mum Friendly Fashion

Once you pop a sprog it often feels like being a mum equates to being fashion redundant. And to a point it can be true as there’s less time to keep up with the latest looks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still look good and feel relevant. You just need to learn the art of wardrobing, in a mum friendly fashion!

I spend much of my average days indoors in sweats or PJs cleaning some form of crap. When I go out I want to look (as a minimum) well put together. My top tip for mums on the run is to think minimum effort but maximum style!

Where to start

  1. Don’t be afraid to copy or be influenced by other peoples looks! Take Vogue Williams look (above) for example. Which I recreated on a budget.
  2. Instagram & Pinterest are great for doing screen shots of entire looks to use when out clothes shopping
  3. Have your go to pieces that you look and feel good in, then work around them. Mine are my over-sized jumpers, skinny jeans and denim jacket
  4. Buy outfits in layers. That way you can dress/layer them up or down to create multiple looks. These will then see you through different occasions and seasons!

Jumper: £6 Primark

Shirt: £5 Chalk Farm Vintage

Shoes: £15 Schuh

Key pieces

Here’s a perfect example of a layered look. This wardrobed outfit was taken from Pinterest. It’s stylish and effortless.

This outfit can be tweaked, layered or reworked to fit anyone and any situation.

  1. Swap jeans for denim shorts or a dungaree dress
  2. Swap heals for flats or wedge sandals
  3. Add a neutral thick knit cardigan
  4. Swap denim jacket for a blazer
  5. Wear scarf braided into your hair, as a head band or as a neckerchief
  6. Swap striped top for a slogan T or a heavy knit jumper/sweater

Jacket: £5 F&F at Tesco

Top: £6.99 H&M

Shoes: £15 Primark

Jeans: £10 George at Asda

Scarf: £2 Cancer Research


Don’t be afraid to have your own go to uniform and style. Being able to dress quickly and with little thought can be for the better. For one it means more time to shoush your hair and do your make-up. Plus it’s amazing what a view pieces of bold, statement jewellery can do to an everyday outfit. Or even just a splash of nail polish.

The box below contains snap shots of some of my uniform wardrobe staples. It’s the basis of what you’ll most often see me in:

Skinny jeans: £8 George at Asda

 Form fitting, supportive and easy to wear with just about anything. Warning: beware of camel toe!

Coat: £55 GAP

Invest in a good coat, but don’t feel you have to break the bank. By waiting for the sales and using my GAP app I managed to get this Parka (original price £160) for £55. For milder days I have my denim jacket.

Over-sized jumpers: £8 George at Asda

Will cover a multitude of sins and are comfy. They’re also a great way to add a splash of colour or texture to your outfit. And are hugely convenient if you are breastfeeding!

Pumps: £34.99 Converse

I live for my converse. They’re comfy and go with everything!


Just remember being ‘mum’ doesn’t mean you have to forget about who you are and how you want to express or dress yourself. And being on point with your wardrobe choices need not bankrupt your ‘mum’ budget either!

Ultimately fashion should be fun!

Go forth, pick up ya floordrobe and wardrobe the shit out of it.

Much love,

Berrit x

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