Postpartum fitness: End Of Week One

Well, it’s been a manic first week. I’m now 11 weeks postpartum. The transition from holidays and then back to reality has been full on. Week one of my journey to new fit-mum is now officially done and dusted! Here’s how my postpartum fitness journey has gone so far.


Height: 5 foot 7 inches

Weight: 11 stone 12 pounds

Dress size: 16

Day One

After chatting with the PT (Amy) we decided to do a combo of calorie counting and mumlife tailored high impact, short duration exercise. The idea with the calories being that (especially because I am breastfeeding) I can eat what I want as long as I exercise to cover the extra calories I consume.

Day Two

I’m really loving the short burst exercises that Amy has put together for me. She’s made sure I can do them with the kids. Some great adjustments have been:

  • Using baby Penelope (in her carrier) as added weight while doing side curtsy squats.
  • Using my cast iron skillet pans as kettle-bell replacements (water bottles are another good weights replacement)
  • Twinkle twinkle little star jumps with Theon
  • Push and pulls: using the double buggy loaded up with the kids

Day Three

Today I decided to have a go at cooking up one of Amy’s daily meal plans:


15g Atlantic Blueberries

40g Porridge Oats

Total calories = 162


100g Broccoli

30g Baby Spinach

1/2 a pack of Uncle Ben’s Basmati Rice

1 x Chicken breast

Total calories = 411


30g Asparagus

1/3 a bag of new potatoes with herbs and butter

1 x Salmon fillet

Total calories = 361

The meal plan was great and easy to follow. However, it wasn’t enough for me especially since I am breast feeding and so Amy advised me to up my green portions and add in snacks through out the day to up my total calories. The app was a great way for me to compare different snacks. I was surprised for example to find out that a single breakfast biscuit was 170 calories compared to a milky bar that is only 95 calories.

Day Four

Half way through the week and I’ve already lost 8lbs. After speaking with Amy though it’s apparently normal to have a quick loss in your first week. She advised that I should be ready for a possible plato or even gain come week 2.

Day Five

Bossed it like a mum-pro today; got on top of all my chores/jobs/projects and still had time to fit in a decent work out:


  • x 4 V ups – 10 reps each time with a 30 second rest in between each set
  • x 4 Side bends – 12 reps each time with a 30 second rest between each set
  • x 4 Star jumps – 30 seconds of jumping with a 10 second pause


  • x 10 Buggy Push & Pulls – 10 reps with 30 seconds rest in between each
  • x 10 Side curtsy squats – 10 reps with 30 seconds rest in between each

Day Six

Today was Theon’s 2nd birthday party and despite being on the go non stop since 6am and up last night ’til gone 2am, I have also stuffed my face with copious amounts of party snacks. The house is trashed and I know it’s probably going to be gone midnight before I get to bed. Today chocolate is my friend and although my previous days work out has given me an energy boost, there’s only so much a breast feeding mum of two under two can do. I didn’t manage to do any of Amy’s work outs either which has left me feeling a bit pants. But I got through hosting 14 adults, 9 kids and 2 babies without crashing, it does feel like my stamina is improving. But maybe that’s the chocolate talking!?

Day Seven

Still recovering from the mania of Theon’s party we decided to go for a long, slow park walk. We were out for around two hours, but I have to confess I had a very snoozy couch cuddly Sunday… There may have been left over party chocolate involved, but tomorrow is a new week as well as a new day and this mumma is pooped! Sometimes you’ve just got to go with the flow and not stress the little stuff. I’m exercising and watching my diet in order to feel better. Going at this hardcore and not allowing myself any kind of treat or rest would negate the whole point of it all! I’ve finished the week still at 11 stone 4 pounds and I’m pretty happy, over all with how it’s gone. I’m learning and fully open to embrace any needed change. Let’s just hope that’s enough!

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