Free Days Out: Kentish Town Farm

We’ve just got back from a wonderfully, wintery and absolutely free walk around Kentish Town Farm. We’re down in the homelands at the moment. We’re dog sitting in London for my brother. Yes that’s right me, single handily adulting with two under two plus a cat and a dog. And it’s been great, not just road testing the pets, but getting out and about with Mr.Terrible-Two. My biggest worry was that with not knowing the area I’d be stuck for things to do, to keep him entertained. That is without spending an arm and a leg and kidney. Enter Kentish Town Farm, a new top ten for our free days out list!

I’ve just put the kettle on, mid typing and that is always a good indicator of how the days been. Not the need for caffeine; that’s a constant struggle. But the mere fact I’ve got ten mins to sit, type and guzzle a tea (still warm) means the kids are out cold after a fun filled, farm, frolic!

With horses and sheep, donkeys, goats and much, much more the farm has a fantastic array of animals to amaze and delight. All for free. They even host a plethora of free tutorials and group sessions from baking to crafting. It’s definitely worth checking whats on ahead of time. You may even find classes in yoga and gardening. to have a crack at.

For a small fee you can even ride the donkeys and ponies. And I mean small. It’s only £2 per child, for this epic activity. Something which would normally set you back an Ayrton Senna or two and maybe even a Pony! That’s 20-25 quid for those of you not fluent in Landan!

Established in 1972 the farm is a community charity set up to get city dwellers connected with nature and the environment. Sat on a four-acres of land in the London Borough of Camden. What I especially loved was the freedom kids had to safely wonder around. Theon got to take the lead and do what all two year olds do, when down on the farm. Cluck like a chicken and scream ,I mean sing ‘Old MacDonald’.  But ultimately it’s the perfect example of the greatness humans can achieve when they come together. The farm runs solely on the help it gets from it’s volunteers and charitable donations offered by visitors.

“We provide an extensive educational programme to schools; therapeutic riding to people with special needs; work experience opportunities for young people and farm related activities for local children and families.” – Kentish Town Farm Association

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  1. MissPond

    What a fun day out! I had no idea that there was a farm this close to London, I’ll have to tell my friends with little ones who live in London. I hope the dog sitting is going well.

    1. Booberrit

      I know! It’s like a little urban oasis. Dog sitting has gone well; dogs are easy, it’s the small people that give me hell! 🙂

  2. Booberrit

    It’s good to be bi=lingual! 😉

  3. Wow! I went to college in Kentish Town 1995-96, but never saw this place! How brilliant that they have riding for disabled as well xx

    1. Booberrit

      It’s a marvellous place, my kids and nephew have so much fun every time we visit!

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