Maternity Exemption: Dental Check Ups

After a bit of a hiccup understanding the rules and ways to use my maternity exemption. And 10 months of breast feeding, I decided I was well over due a full body M.O.T.  I booked my doctors check up and smear fine. But, realised that in all the rush of well, just living I still hadn’t registered the family with a dentist. I knew it was vital that I get my teeth checked and if need be sorted as soon as possible as my maternity exemption only had 8 weeks of use left.

By the way

I don’t know if everyone already knows this and maybe I just wasn’t present in class that day but, being pregnant and giving birth is not automatic exemption.  You need to apply for a physical exemption card!  Make sure to do this as I received a hefty fine for the lack of understanding something I hadn’t been informed about, I’m guessing everyone (doctors, midwife, pharmacist) just assumed that someone else would have already told me!

Any way

I started my Google search to put together a list of prospective dental practices and set about finding one that would take me on.  Aaaaand here lies the problem; nice free service, if you can get it! If you can get it, won’t you tell me how!  No one would take me on as an NHS patient.  My husband, was able to sign up instantly (as a full paying patient) they whipped up his records and booked his first check quicker than I could say ”ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.  And the small cute dude only had to babble and coo and he was taken on as an NHS patient, seen there and then, checked over and booked in for his next 6 month appointment all in less than an hour.  Not me though I literally spent the next 4 weeks routinely and repeatedly knocking on and checking to see if I could come in to play yet.  Finally the same dentist that had taken on my hubby and son also finally added me to their books. Whoop! Hmmm…

So, my thoughts on having a check up, x-ray, clean & filling whilst also accompanied by an 11 month old baby with separation anxiety  (yes they took him out for the x-ray and yes he screamed until all of the nurses ovaries recoiled). I can’t say I recommend it but, we survived!

The biggest lesson

I really should have done it sooner.  The service I received was phenomenal and we really are super lucky here in the UK to have the NHS and all it affords us.

I’ll keep you updated on that smear appointment. They really need to include this stuff in your ‘what to expect when you’re expecting’ bounty pack!  Motherhood = life exactly as it was before + a live, miniature, studio audience.

Either way it was quick and easy so, if you haven’t already, go book your smear and full body service!

Catch you on the flip side,

Berrit x

P.S. Smear all clear! xx

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  1. Jamila Hellinger

    What a waste of hard earned money!!!!!No results,difficult to open!I should have saved the money and went to a Dentist!

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