March Mayhem: Don’t Be A Mad Hatter

Every year I feel like I’m looking around with an ‘and what?’ face on, while the rest of the world runs frantic like Blue Monday dodging Mad Hatters! For me I can deal with the dull lull of Post Christmas January. Especially now I’m a SAHM with no work dead lines or puddle drenched bus stops to frequent! For me the most draining month of the year is March with all it’s mayhem. That last push out of winter/Spring mode. The Darkest hours before the brightness of summer illuminates.


This March in particular has been crazy. But has also marked two and a half years since I first became “mum”! If there’s anything my little people have taught me it’s that you have to learn to read the signs. I often over push my limits, until I’m running on fumes. It’s a flaw that having kids has forced me to work on, heavily. To give and take but also remember that: if you GIVE all of yourself to every endeavour, it will TAKE its toll! And despite trying to be proactive I’ve felt almost done in. Breastfeeding a growing baby whilst chasing a tenacious toddler left me with a trapped nerve and a nasty case of shingles.

But on top of the general hectic haze of taming mini savages we’ve also had a lot of opportunities come our way lately. All of which I’ve had to be selective about. I’ve really thought about what we’ve chosen to focus our energy on. I don’t want Theon or P doing anything they don’t find fun and I don’t want to run myself so ragged people pleasing that I work myself into a crisis situation that takes me away from my most important roll.


But I’m learning fast. Kind of. As I sit snuggling with P, nursing an itchy nerve rash and praying T doesn’t have Chicken pox (I’m not ready). I understand that if you’re tired you can’t put off sleep. So, this is me calling time.Telling you to follow me and let something else give a little! Those people that said ‘sleep when they sleep’, they weren’t patronising, they were talking with hindsight! These are the last weeks before the summer, revitalising yourself now will see you further through the year. Don’t let the end of winter/spring get you down, stay focused, be a little bit more demanding, summers on its way and life’s gonna get rosie again!

Stay strong,

Berrit x

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  1. Sarah T

    So glad ‘spring has sprung’! The Sleepcasts on the Headspace app are my fave for getting to sleep.

    1. Booberrit

      Yes! I’m all about this, great shout!

  2. Susan

    Yes- you defo need to take time for yourself, more so if you’ve little ones to look after. Have a slow and relaxing weekend if poss

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