Twinning: Matching Mama Outfits

Twinning is winning, right? I mean what’s the point of having kids if you can’t force them into wearing matching mama outfits. Once in a while, no?

A few years ago very close friends of ours got married. It was a wonderful day. However, although the bride looked absolutely stunning it was Theon and Yiannis that stole the show with their matching wardrobe! So, when the invite for my nephew’s (Phillipos) baptism came through, a sneaky grin instantly adorned my face! The problem is, I think it’s triggered my inner need to twin. And so in typical overbearing mother style, here’s what’ll probably end up being Penelope’s 18th birthday, most embarrassing moments reel.

Where To Shop

Our first ever matching mama outfits were these emoji dresses. Ordered from Want That Trend and made perfect matching outfits for Phillipos’ baptism. The boys didn’t let us down either. Wearing these matching Hawaiian style shirts from Primark.

Earlier this year we took a winter break to Orlando. It was the perfect chance for me and P to finally get to wear some of the outfits she’d been gifted last summer, but that had not quite fit. Like this mummy and me, matchy beach dress from PatPat. Their matching outfit ranges are epic!

If however, you’re looking for something a little more special, then I can’t recommend The English Beagle highly enough. Hand made, with superior quality fabrics, we were lucky enough to be gifted a couple of their pieces recently.

These Karen, Denim Leopard Skirts are effortlessly beautiful and so comfortable, plus they have pockets!

Too Shy To Try

If you’d like to coordinate, but not sure you can confidently pull off a full ensemble, why not try little splashes of samesiness!?

Here I’ve matched my Zara leopard t-shirt with P’s H&M kids leopard dress, both steals at less than £4 a piece!

Accessories are another great way to match up. From socks to head bands and ties, it’s an easy may to match in bold flashes without fully committing.

Our super hero socks were gifted from the sock shop and all the cute bowties in this article have been sourced from Etsy and custom made by various creatives.

Do you match with your wee ones? If so we’d love to see what outfits you put together. Why not tag or pin us on Instagram and Pinterest.

Stay fierce, matching mamas!

Much love,

Berrit x

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