International Day Of Happiness: 38 for 38

Yesterday was International Day of Happiness. Which got me thinking. With my 38th running at me ever faster and faster like an over raged bull. What is happiness to me? Being a newish/young ish mum. Ok my kids are young, give me a break! I’ve posted a lot about the woes of motherhood. I’m in the thick of it right now, but the truth is there is a huge amount that makes me happy in life. Both new finds as ‘mum’ as well as my ‘established’ (yes I mean old) favourites. Here are my 38 life loves.

1)Family: Whether it’s my husband, my kids, my parents, my six siblings and all of their families; my people make me happy.

2)Friends: Because I’m from a big family my close friendships to me are extensions of that. I’m probably happiest when I’m around my familiars as it takes me a while to let myself go around new company. But I love nothing more than a huge table full of friends and family; eating, drinking and laughing.

3)Colour: I’ve always loved colour, but as I stepped into my 30’s I retired the bright bursts and replaced them with, well black. And don’t get me wrong black looks great, but I do regret hiding a way behind it and trying to blend! In recent years I’ve begun to feel more calm with who I am and the way my body and life ebbs and flows. And so, I love nothing more than to pop with colour.

4)Nail Polish – Barry M (ballerina)


6)Travel: I don’t get to as much these day, but it’s definitely on my list of things to work back into my life. A miss spent youth saw me galavant all over the shot. I’d love nothing more than to grab G and the kids and take a year out traveling, before they start school.

7)Collaborating: It boils down to the big family thing again. And if I’m honest it’s something that can also cause me a lot of heart ache as other’s don’t understand why! However, despite being able to hold my own I’m happiest participating in a team or at the very least with a buddy!

8)Crafting: My side of the family are high functioning insomniacs! We can survive on very little sleep and always need to be on the go. Unfortunately life is not always busy. In life crafting and creating has always kept me going. For me I related ‘making’ as a form of progression and that makes me insanely happy. If I don’t craft during life lulls I literally wear holes in to carpets from pacing. Must…Keep…Moving!

9)Shoes: My first big girls job in retail was with a company called Schuh. I have really fond memories of working for them and still to this day have a lot of friends that I worked there with. Schuh was where I got my first taste of design and understanding how things were made. I’d always loved footwear, but working there to my love to a whole other level!

10)Reading: I really don’t get to read like I used and next year I’m pretty sure that tackling my bookshelf with be my top new years resolution! A perfect afternoon would be sat in a pillow filled bay window, the sun on my face, reading the day away! My favourite reads include

•The World according To Garp

•The Time Traveler’s Wife

•Little Women

11)Coffee: I can get fancy when it comes to coffee, but as long as it’s wet and caffeinated keep it coming. My favourite coffee is a Fredo Cappuccino!

12)Talking: I lost my voice once, was literally the saddest week of my life. Although, I’m pretty sure everyone else enjoyed the rest bite!

13)Pinterest: I find it so soothing. And Pinners are such an easy going crowd!

14)My Phone: It’s sad, I know. But I do. I love how it keeps me connected, how it makes the world smaller and so makes those I love seem nearer. And when the kids go to bed, I love nothing more than to flick through all our pics and smile at how far we’ve come.

15)Laughing: I may pea a little these days if I let out a belly roar, but weakened Pelvic floor or not. There’s nothing sexier than a good laugh! It makes me happy to laugh, to see others laugh and to make people laugh.

16)The Sea: I was always at peace with myself and life when i lived by the sea. And even to this day when I feel life getting to much I head for the coast and it helps me breathe. Just thinking about the colours of the sea makes me smile.

17)Adventure: If you’re a Thelma in need of a Louise, then I’m your girl.

18)Challenges: There’s nothing more satisfying than overcoming a challenge!

19)Being Thrifty: I think being able to bend a buck is empowering. My mum taught me from a young age how to make a little serve a lot. I revel in not being held back by a lack of funds. Much of my don’t #keepmum events are inspired by my own mother who never let a lack of money hold her back. Whenever I find a way to be thrifty I think of her and life’s endless possibilities and it lifts my spirits.


21)Journaling: I’ve kept a diary of some form since I was abut 9, blogging is an extension of that. I scrap booked and hoarded disposables long before Facebook or online logs!

22)Design:Sketching, imagining, creating, playing, making. Whether it’s my work or someone else’s. I find the process inspiring.

23)Study:When my mind is busy learning, I’m happy!

24)Flying: Infinite sky! I can’t think of anything nicer than heading up into the clouds with my dad!

25)Buses: In particular coachmen holidays, it’s a guilty pleasure. I’ve never met anyone other than my Nan that got it. My biggest bus journey was Mexico-New York. My face ached by the end I had so much fun, just chilling as the world passed by my window!

26)Paint: It’s my favourite media to express myself with. When ever I need an uplift I throw a splash of colourful paint at something.

27)Greece: Is my happy place

28)My Parents Couch:There’s no where more soothing a safe than my parents couch. It’s a place I can snooze and regress into a child like slumber.

29)Gran Prix on A Sunday:I can tell you practically nothing about the sport, but for me the most fantastic way to drift off into a happy sleep is via the noise and monotony of those Formula One cars ‘neowing’ around the track! Has to be a Sunday arvo though, Monday morning racing doesn’t have quite the same effect!

30)Christmas Snoozes: At this point you may have noticed I like sleep! We all love what we can’t have! And I do miss the luxury of sleeping where ever, when ever. But Christmas day it’s always guaranteed. With a fully belly and fixed smile as standard!

31)Carnival: In particular ‘Karnivali’ to celebrate ‘Pasxa’ (Greek Easter). The colour, the fun; I challenge you to go and not laugh your socks off.

32)Being mum: Don’t get me wrong its a face palm a minute gig. But, at the end of every day after I’ve finished pulling my hair out. I sit and smile and feel satisfied. It may be hormone induced or a result of sleep deprivation, but a smiles a smile in my books!

33)Photos:Everywhere of everything and everyone. My lounge is a living facebook feed.

34)Trinkets:My interior style is anthropologic. I love things and finds. Some of which include

•A cast of my teeth from when I was 17

•Dried flowers


•A dead bee

35)Walking:I still haven’t got my drivers license and although it’s something I keep meaning to do, a big reason why not having it doesn’t bother me so much is that I love to walk. Whenever I feel down a good walk always perks me back up.

36)Fabric: infinite possibilities, what’s not to love!?

37)Money:It can buy you happiness if used correctly, it offers possibility and choice. However, some of my happiest times have also been my poorest.

38)Celebrations:I think it’s why I feel in love with Greece and in Greece. They love any excuse for a celebration and that’s me to a T!

Whatever you do today, make sure at least one thing makes you smile from ear to ear. We’ve all got reasons to be happy, it’s just sometimes the stresses of life can drown it out. Take time to make time to remind yourself of what makes you happy.

Don’t worry, be happy!


Berrit x

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