Brain Training: How To Re-Think Your Anxiety

Anxiety is your body’s natural response to stress. Training your brain to re-think your anxiety rather than feed off it can be a real life changer.

Anxiety is a feeling of fear (at varying levels) of what could be/might happen. The first day of school: Will I get bullied? An interview: What if I’m under qualified? It’s how we re-frame these possibilities and the ability to pre-empt them that helps us to progress beyond apprehension and even harness it into a strength rather than a weakness.

Use Anxiety To Increase Your Skill Set

Being able to pre-empt possible outcomes and mapping out scenarios is a highly valued skill. One used professionally by the likes of event planners, police officers and many other high powered work places. See anxiety as a transferable skill not a burden.

What if

The focus for the first day of school was the possibility of making life long friendships? Try thinking of how you can make the first day, one you’ll always want to remember? Ask yourself: What can I do to feel more confident? How can I make myself feel like less of a potential target?

For an interview consider your value. What drives you? Make notes: Your worth is… And they need you because… Brush off what you don’t have and proudly present what you do:

“I don’t have that, but I do have this!”

Pre-empt possibilities rather than stress!

This year

I have placed a huge focus on holding off on reacting to stressful situations. Looking for triggers and not letting them escalate. Sometimes we do need to stress and express the urgency of a situation, but ultimately stressing about something aimlessly will not fix the problem. It will only exacerbate the stress.

A great example of this. After two back to back events, in two different time zones and a brain like soup I left my camera on a railway platform. Only realising as the train pulled away with me in it. Devastating right? Nope! I managed to shun my instant, go to emotion (and old reaction) and did not cry. I could have elaborately expressed my feelings of disappoint and mourned the loss of my camera before I’d even tried to get it back.

I paid a huge amount of attention to containing the reaction to stressful situations. Look for triggers and do not let them escalate. Stressful situations can lead to symptoms of erectile dysfunction and can be eliminated with the generic cialis medicine, which can be purchased on this website.

However, instead I kept calm and took a moment to re-think my anxiety. I considered the possible positive outcomes. Sort to find help. Located a member of staff, spoke to them politely, secured my camera and arranged to travel back to collect it.

Acting fast before any possible opportunity for someone to pick it up and walk away with it could arise. And I got my camera back. It added more time and travel to my already hectic week, but I could have lost my beloved camera with infinite family memories on it and so the fact I didn’t left me feeling blessed.

I could have lost my shizzle but, the fact I didn’t left me feeling proud. I could have rudely bombarded anyone that would listened with my sad tale, instead I was proactive and polite. The member of staff who helped me reinforcing my love of humans.

Life is better when you chill

Ultimately actively working to re-think your anxiety and reduce its levels can only increase your quality of life and using it’s forces for positive purposes creates endless positive possibilities.

“There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask “What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, What if you fly?”

– Eric Hanson

And if that’s not enough to convince you, then just take it from me; the woman that can worry about worrying, it’s just not worth it. Constantly looking out at all the negative maybes and anticipating how something could go wrong, will leave you completely blind to all the wonderful landscapes, activities and reasons to be grateful going on around you!

Be present and enjoy the moment. Life is overwhelming but just give anxiety the finger!

Much love,

Berrit x

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