Greek Coffee: How To Make A Frappe

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If you’ve Greek family then there’s two things you’ll know: never assume that a margarine tub contains margarine and how to make Frappe! Coffee is a huge part of every day Greek life. And in the summer there’s nothing quite like drinking an ice cold, Greek, Frappe on a golden Grecian coast line.

You Will Need

•A tall glass


•Instant coffee


•Milk (optional)


•A mini whisk “frapperizer” or alternatively skip to Mummashine’s Frappe hack at the bottom of the page. She’s a fool proof way to make a Frappe without having to use the Classic mini-whisk.

How To

I’m going to tell you how to make a frappe according to my preference. However, I’ve put all the different variations below for you to work out what mix of coffee, sugar and milk will best suit you. Traditionally Frappe is not drank with milk, but it is not uncommon to request it with. My tip to making the best Frappe for you is to just mimic how you drink your regular hot coffee.

•Add your coffee and sugar to the glass

•Pour in no more than a finger’s width of water

•Whisk until the mix becomes an almost solid froth; you should be able to tip the glass upside down, without it pouring out!

•Fill the glass with ice

•Pour in the milk until it rises to about 3/4 of the way up

•Top with water and stir


•Sweet (γλυκό – gleeko) : 1 spoon of coffee to 2-3 spoons of sugar

•Medium (μέτριο – metrio) : 1 spoon of coffee to 1 spoon of sugar

•Strong (βαρύ – Vari) : 1-2 spoons of coffee to 0.5 spoons of sugar

•Without milk

•With vanilla ice cream (and chocolate sauce)

Frappe Hack

The perfect Greek frappe hack for when you’ve not got a whisk!

Frappe, because when you’re a mum your coffee is always cold!


Berrit x

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  1. karen

    haha that last line cracked me up! A hot coffee is surely a luxury these days. These look delicious though. Perfect for those too hot days! x

    1. Booberrit

      I live for the “too hot days” and the purposely ice cold coffee! ❤️

  2. Sarah Thain

    LOVE an iced coffee in the summer! Going to bookmark this for a sunny weekend day x

    1. Booberrit

      Yep, they’ll definitely be powering me through the summer!

  3. Camille Lola Fit

    Yes!!! I needed this recipe! With the warm weather coming this is going to be perfect!

    1. Booberrit

      It’s a life saver in our house!

  4. Halal Food Gastronomy

    Absolutely Love Frappes I generally add chocolate to it as well or chocolate ice cream to make it bit thicker.

    1. Booberrit


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