Teething & Weaning: The Cure All Lolly

Teething and weaning can be an absolute nightmare! This cure all lolly is kept in constant supply ready for action in our freezer. A perfect go to for weaning, teething, upping that five-a-day intake and as a general cool down aid. It literally is a cure all lolly!

And yet they’re not just great for the kids! Low calorie, high in fibre and packed full of flavour. Both myself and Yiannis also enjoy these fab frozen treats. With avocado and banana making up the bulk of this family fave, it is also a great cholesterol fighter.

Ingredients (To make 6):

•1x small cup of either Greek Yogurt or Boob/Formula milk. For a vegan alternative use oat milk.

•1x banana a great source of energy (vitamin B6)

•1x avocado which is not only packed with monounsaturated fatty acids but, also a good source of fibre.

•1/2 a lemon (this will stop the avocado and banana from browning). Adds a shot of vitamin C to the mix.

•1x ripe pear (this will sweeten the lolly)

•1 handful of berries (raspberries and blackberries work best, but use whatever your child favours)


Literally whack all the ingredients into a blender and then pour into lolly moulds and freeze over night. We found our moulds (6 for £2) from Ikea. Alternatively, save up your mini yogurt pots and fill these instead, inserting tea spoons as your lolly sticks.

How to use

Great uses include:

•For soothing teething babies and children. A great biting aid and gum soother!

•Upping your kids fruit intake. Our recipe uses 5 portions of fruit, but add as many as you fancy. Why not try Mango as a great addition or alternative.

•Helping to wean babies on to solids. Because they melt and can be chewed or slobbered. These lollies are great for a first introduction to solids as well as helping to increase baby’s motor skills!

•As a sweet treat as part of a calorie controlled diet. The perfect ice cream replacement.

•A general cool down aid. Whether it’s a heat wave or an activity packed weekend, use to cool everyone down without a sugar rush,

•Helping to lower your cholesterol.

•Upping the family’s fibre intake; a great poop aid for constipation!

And just really yummy, enjoy!

Berrit x

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