Ream Hills: Our 1st Family Camp Out

We’ve never been camping as a family before. However, we’ve a couple of family camping, get togethers coming up. Including a birthday and a wedding! So, with the power of Google, we selected the nearest dog and family friendly campsite. Then made our way to Ream Hills for our very 1st family camp out.


I’ve got to say we were really quite taken a back by the site. There was so much to see and do on the park site itself. It was really well placed for walks as well as easy driving distance to Blackpool beach. Facilities onsite included:

•Great onsite toilets and showers with baby change tables in buggy friendly sized blocks.

•Tent and camper/caravan field

•Cabins and chalets

•Kitchen style sinks and wash up area

•Water sports

•Glamping, they’ve actually converted a helicopter into a glamping pod!

•Kids adventure playground

•Pet and child friendly Coffee shop with indoor and outdoor seating. Set out with views of the lake.

•Really friendly, helpful staff

•Good security with pin access only to each area of accommodation


It was £38 for a 3 man tent. This included two adults (kids under 3 are free) and a dog (£2 pup charge). I did think it was slightly expensive considering that we could have got a budget hotel room for the same price. However, a hotel would not have allowed us to bring the dog. Neither would it hve had the same views or given us the experience of such a fun packed, family adventure.


We did it and made it through! Not only in one piece, but happy and excited to head down to South Wales for our next family camp out.

We all agreed that Ream Hills was a definite 4/5 stars. We did think it was a shame that some aspects of the brochure such as Wifi, although not specified were only for the higher paid guests. i.e. those staying in the lodge. Being able to set up the kindle would have really upped the experienced, especially with it being Theon’s first night sleeping in a tent.

Hi di hi campers!


Berrit x

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  1. The Ream Hills park looks lovely, what a fab drive to get to it! 🙂 So glad you had a good time! I was always put off by camping, but when you are there and in the thick of it, you really do learn to appreictate it! Love the idea of a helicopter glamping pod, genius! Thank you for linking up wtih #PostardsFrom – hope you can join in again! 🙂 Sim x

    1. Booberrit

      Totally! I’m loving the linky, really good to have the travel inspo! As for camping, it’s great but for now definitely best in small doses! 😊

  2. Zoe

    We love camping as a family. That’s not a bad price considering the facilities, and I totally want to check out that helicopter! #totstravel

    1. Booberrit

      I totally agree! I have found cheaper but not with the option for electric hook ups! And definitely wouldn’t find a dog friendly hotel at that price that’s for sure! X

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