Mum On The Run: Breakfast Bars

Also known (in our house) as ‘Moving Day Bars’. Because they pretty much use up whatever you have left in the cupboards and/or fridge. These Breakfast bars are nutritious and easy to make. And perfect for a mum on the run (like me). Especially if, like me you rarely remember to feed yourself after everyone else! I tend to make a batch at the end of the week and pop them in a tin for the coming week. Great for on the go and not even that bad paired with a cold cuppa tea!

As with everything on here I’ve kept the recipe and method as simple as possible. But feel free to catch me on Instagram to ask me any questions or for tips. I’d also love to see pics of your breakfast bars!


•1.5 x bowls of Oats or Granola

•2 x Bananas

•Any extra fruit you want to use up; blueberries, diced apple, dried apricots all make perfect additions to this recipe

•2 x big table spoons of Honey

•1 x bar of your favourite Chocolate. When I’m feeling decadent I’ll splash out on some luxury chocca, but today I just used the very last of our Easter egg hoard!


•Mix all the ingredients together, minus the chocolate

•Once you have a nice, well combined mix spread it into a greased baking tray, with a folk even and flatten out the mix

•Bake for 1/2 an hour at 180° 

•Take out of the oven and with a clean, sharp knife divide into bars before placing on a cooling rack

•Create a bain-marie by boiling water in a pan, bring the heat down once the water is boiled and placing a bowl inside the pan to melt your chocolate in

•Once melted use the chocolate to coat your bars and then leave to cool and go solid

Up until the chocolate is added these bars are vegan friendly, you can actually use vegan chocolate as a replacement or add cocoa nibs to your mix for a chocolatey kick!

If you’re struggling for time to bake, you can always roll the mix into balls and dip in the chocolate. Use them as the perfect energy boost for going to the gym or in my case pushing the double buggy up and down the Bolton hills!

Berrit x

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  1. Tina Bailey

    These sound epic 🙂
    Honey isn’t vegan though 😉 xx

    1. Booberrit

      Honey is the ongoing debate isn’t it? Some say it depends on how it’s sourced. I also know vegans now that are behind the cultivation of insects for protein… I guess it all depends on your own morality! You can always use maple syrup or golden syrup though instead!

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