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To say I like cake is probably this years biggest understatement. Even confessing to loving cake doesn’t cover it. And if I’m really honest I never thought I’d ever find anyTHING (obviously not including my human beans in this) I love more than cake. Except now there is; Letter box cake. Cake delivered not just to, but through your door!

Our Cake

Whatever the occasion bakerdays have the perfect personalised cake for your special celebration. We chose to have a Spooktacular cake made as a gift to take to our Sensory Music Hallowe’en party. And it was lush. It arrived in the cutest little cake tin, with a detailed ‘Just For You’ design on it. There was no having to schedule in a pick up or wait in all day for it to arrive. I simply placed my order. It arrived in good time and was there waiting for me when I got home.

Mum Life

As a mum of two under two, being a head of myself is key. What’s it they say? “Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!” Which would be a great mantra, but life’s not really geared up to give a crap about what rate of face palms you’re living on. Thankfully the way these cakes are iced and packed means you can order them a week or so before you need them and just put them to one side, until you’re ready. One less stress to be bothered about when desperately looking for light sabres and stitching Jedi robes for fancy dress parties!

Gluten & Wheat Free

If you have a wheat intolerance then buying Birthday Cakes, or cakes generally for any occasion can be a challenge. But bakerdays are on it. All their cakes can be ordered as wheat or gluten free. Which most mums know even if your kids have no allergies to be inclusive of all its always best to make sure any food items can be consumed by everyone. However, usually a far bigger task to fulfil than it should be, not anymore!

The Party

The Halloween party was great and the kids had an amazing time. Theon ran riot and LP got to crash out without her over zealous big brother prodding her every five minutes and asking her why she can walk yet, or where her teeth are! Even better still we won best dressed. A huge thank you to bakerdays for providing our cake. It was delicious and we’d definitely order another one.

Berrit x


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