Pumpkin Picking, Kenyon Hall Farm

What a lovely day we’ve had picking pumpkins and running the corn maze at Kenyon Hall Farm in Warrington.

It was free to enter the farm, with pumpkins ready for the picking in an array of sizes and prices, ranging from £2-£12.

And no matter the rain, the farm had it covered (pun intended!) with under cover activities including pumpkin carving, where for a small fee of £3 you are supplied with all the tools you need to carve your hallowe’en masterpiece while the staff clean up all your mess, genius!

In the farm shop we not only found an amazing amount of organic and locally grown produce but, also a fantastic selection of world foods including bottles of the gold stuff; Mr.O’s beloved Cretan, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (you’ve got to keep dad happy).

Worn out from all our Pumpkin hauling we dried off from the rain in the Farm Cafe with a nice brew and a couple home made pies.  Their Pork & Stilton Pie is to die for.

Stay tuned to find out how we made our bees wax pumpkin candles.

If you’d like more details on Kenyon Hall Farm or any of the other trips we’ve mentioned in the blog email us on: enquiries@booberrit.com


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  1. C.Jenks

    Wow!! Looks like such fun, can’t wait to take my babba next year

  2. big-otry

    Keep on working, great jоb!

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