Twenty Questions: With BP3 underwear

In this weeks Twenty Questions we “meet” with the awe inspiring mumpreneur and owner of BP3 underwear, Kelly.

After having her children, Kelly experienced the same issues with incontinence as 7 million women in the UK. Not being one to take things lying down she created BP3 underwear. Her ultimate goal to help bring back the joy that is often stolen through lack of support and awareness of issues around incontinence.


1) Twenty questions?

Go on then!

2) Whats your most favourite part of your body?

My teeth, everyone always says they’re really white.

3) Black or red?

Black, definitely black.

4) Smoothies or Blinis?

Smoothies, sadly.

5) Thongs or Briefs?

Briefs, yep I like a bigger knicker! I don’t like thongs, uncomfortable!

6) Worst mum moment?

Erm, probably when the kids are upset and you’re trying to explain to them that everything’s ok, but they just don’t get it! They can get upset about the most insignificant things and you just know they’re going to be fine the next day. But that’s hard when they’re upset and they feel like it’s the end of the world and you know it’s not!

7) Work from home or work in an office?

Office, I miss my friends at work. I miss my commute into London and my walk listen to my music and podcasts.

8) Dinner, on the run or with family

With family.

9) Out, out or in, in?

It’s in, in at the moment. But I suppose it’s actually in ,in most of the time really.

10) Top tips for mums of teens?

Talk to them when you’re in the car. When you’re sitting next to them but not facing each other.

11) Favourite quote?

Two dinner options, take it or leave it! That’s the rule in our house.

12) What is BP3

BP3 is absorbent, discrete knickers for ladies with bladder leaks. I designed them after my own stress incontinence problems. I like working out, going to the gym, I like hockey. But I found that after children and menopause my bladder was a little leaky. Other knickers were too bulky and so bad for the environment. So I designed knickers that had not VPL, a discrete gusset and they look good on. I love them and my customers love them too. BP3 stands for ‘Be… Piss/Pee… Free’

13) Do you sacrifice comfort for style

Yes, unfortunately. I prefer to be in leggings, my tracksuit or PJs. I don’t sacrifice comfort for style with my knickers though.

14) What makes you happy?

When everyone else is happy? And a tidy house!

15) Why do you think so many women still suffer in silence?

Women don’t like to make a fuss I suppose. It’s in our DNA I’m afraid. But I’m glad to see more women these days standing up for themselves, it gives me hope for my own girls.

16) Give me your best kegel face.

There you go!

17) What inspires you?

I’ve met so many different women, since setting up my business a year ago. Through networking events and social media. I’ve met so many women that have given so much of their time and their knowledge to me. That really, really has inspired me and makes me want to help other people. I don’t see other women as competition. There’s so much room for women in business. So, many have helped me. So, other women inspire me.

18) Who’s your celebrity girl gang?

Ow easy, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Lizzo, she just so amazing, Jennifer Lopez, because ah man, gorgeous I love her! Who else? Oh! Serena Williams, she’s awe inspiring, just incredible.

19) Favourite knickers

My sporty knickers, that I designed. They’re just so comfortable.

20) To date, what’s been your most thankful moment?

Just keeping my family alive. Having 6 teenagers is full on, everyone comes with their own own personalities and quirks, I’m just thankful we’re all alive, basically.

Thank you

A huge thank you to Kelly and her girls for taking the time to film this weeks (Locked down) Twenty Qs and giving us a sneak peak between the scenes of life as a business owner and mum of 6.

If you’d like to get involved in filming an episode of TQ, why not email us: or drop a comment below.

Kelly’s episode is below. Enjoy!


Berrit x

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