A/W 2019: Part Gifted By Femme Luxe

The lovely team at Femme Luxe Finery have kindly gifted me a whole selection of their clothing range to wear and review. So, I thought I’d do a part gifted A/W 2019. And show you some of the outfits I’ve been wearing.

My Truth

That opening paragraph, that’s the blogger I want to be. Dominant, in tune and assertive. Flawlessly confident in my style. However, the truth is some days being mum, I just stand staring in front of the mirror. Normally I’ve spit up dripping down my 6 day old tee. Any line of thought mustered tends to revolve around a barrage of WTFs. WTF is that? WTF happened to you? WTF WTF WTF!

Through that haze of motherhood, every once in a while I get a flash of recollection. Clear as day memory of who I once was. The young, slim, eye bag free me and my endless wardrobes of trendy bollocks clothes. I’m being a dick now and trying to mock old me, because I’m slightly jealous of her. She had bouncy hair, pert little boobs and a fashionably big butt! That’s why when lank hair, saggy tits, wide, spread butt me got an email from a fashion group asking if I’d wear their clothes I honestly thought someone was taking the proverbial.

They weren’t, you see mums wear clothes too and not just cut price leggings from George at Asda!

Luxe Gal

I want to thank Femme Luxe, because they actually managed to reignite that creative side of me that loves fashion, prints and telling stories through outfits.

My tip to reentering the fashion world after an extended leave of maternal duties? Be bold, be brave, be-you-tiful! Wear colours/cuts and materials that make you happy. Confidence comes from within. Proud shoulders and a head held high will add the perfect finish to any outfit!.

So, here are my outfits from last months visit to Paris to this A/W’s preempted outfits for up and coming dates and events.


France was amazing! A great way to squeeze out the last of the summer rays before returning to those English Autumn vibes.

This Mustard, Scarf Print Shirt Dress by Femme Luxe, was a well packed piece. It was easily dressed up or down to fit my mood and the September weather. From tucked into a skirt to worn over jeans or just simply as is with a pair of sandals; it tailored in where I needed it to and covered up everywhere else.

Now the nights are drawing in, I love it matched up with this thick, pink tweed skirt (£14 from Asda) and my leopard print tennis shoes (£10 from Topshop).

For our day in Paris I knew I would need to be boob accessible for P and that probably I’d need to wear something that was also baby carrier friendly. Having said that it was Paris baby and I wanted to look a little ‘Swish Bish’!

So I blocked out on black, pairing a black skinny jean with a plain black tee. I then strapped Penelope in before putting on my electric blue blazer (£15 from M&S). This meant that I could take it on and off without disrupting the baby. So as not to fight with the vibrance of my jacket I opted for nude, patent slides (£25 from Schuh).

The Big 3!

Once we were back it was full steam ahead prepping for our big move and Theon’s 3rd birthday and party. Out came the pink tweed skirt again. This time matched with a thick black pair of tights and this Black Polka Dot Fishnet Sleeve Shirt.

I loved this shirt so much I also have it in white! Which I think looks great against the blue of my high waisted jeans.

To match in with both of these shirts I also ordered some of the Femme Luxe body suits. They fit like a dream and make me feel a little bit extra, which when your boobs are not your own is always nice!


September just gone was a mad month for us, but October is looking to be mental! Every weekend this month is blocked out with events, campaigns and parties. Which don’t get me wrong is great, buuuuuut! It involves needing stuff to wear! One of my most favourite Femme looks is my black ‘Life is a Peach‘ T, The black ribbed leggings (part of a co-ord set that I also have in grey), and one of their black pleather bum bags-yep I went there! The out fit is great for wearing with a pair of trainers for mad dash mornings into London. But it can also be dressed up for Camden nights out by simply slinging on a pair of heels and slapping on some bright red lippy!

And that’s it for now. I’ve tried to be smart with what I buy, choosing pieces that I can feed into my current wardrobe. But essentially I’ve tried to enjoy fashion again. What are your key Autumn staples this year? I’d love to know.

Much love,

Berrit x

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  1. terri brown

    some of these pieces are absolutely lovely. I am due to have baby number 3 in 5 weeks so fashion seems a distance memory but I cant wait to buy some new stylish pieces once I have my post baby bod back.

    1. Booberrit

      I 100% get this! P is almost 18montgs and I’m only now starting to feel myself and enjoy doing things like this. I’d almost forgot how nice it is to try different styles n fashions!

  2. Some super lovely outfits there, Beritt! And I bet you anything, that young you would love who you are today. You are a Mum and that itself is so much more than being thin and witha plethora of clothes.

    Paris looked amazing too, and you looked the perfect part with your simple and practical outfit – my kind of idea of ‘fashion’

    I am not into fashion in the slightest, but I do have my autumn staples of my Rab raincoat and waterproof Vivos for my long walks in the rain 🙂

    1. Booberrit

      Quality, key pieces over throw away every time for me!

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