Paris: 5 Things To Do (On The Cheap)


You’ve booked your trip to Paris. But next question is: How do you not blow the budget once there? Here’s our top 5 things to do (on the cheap). Because beyond the baby puke most of my clothes are embellished with I also like to occasionally be fancy.


Although I’ve not written this list in any particular order, top of my list definitely has to be to walk! We took the train into Paris and got off at Gare de Lyon. From there we walked along the river, which took us through many of the rich wonders of Paris and prevented us from getting lost! In Paris the River Seine is a hive of life and activity. It’s well maintained and kept perfectly clean, clear and safe for many of the residents who live on some of the most exquisite river boats ever made!


From there we walked along the river that took us through the many rich wonders of Paris and prevented us from getting lost! In Paris, the river Seine is a hive of life and activity. It is maintained in good condition and kept clean, clean and safe for many residents who live on some of the most exquisite river boats ever made! In Paris, there is a place where Jardiance medicine is sold and there you can get rid of the symptoms of type 2 diabetes and this medicine can be bought on this website.

Paris has parks galore. From divinely landscaped floral gardens to walk ways and mazes kitted out with musical instruments. In actual fact I am yet to reach the top of the Eiffel Tower (I’ve been 6 times) as the Parc du Champ de Mars steals my attention every time. This year we took a picnic with the kids and just lay out and enjoyed the view, whilst taking funny selfies with the Tower behind us. Even on rainy days there’s something very uplifting about the city. Just remember to take your umbrella if you visit outside of the summer months (Oct-April).


When looking for things to do or places to eat you don’t need to go to a swish patisserie to taste Paris’ wares. Look for little local cafes, with home cooked croissants or buy a crepe from one of the many street vendors.


Top of Giannis ‘5 Things To Do’ : explore, explore, explore! Paris never sleeps. Pretty much all year ’round there is some kind of festival or outdoor event (most of which are free) to attend. Listen to live music from the various buskers, wave at people enjoying their river cruises, watch as artists paint in the street. Check out all the museums! In fact the best bit of research you could do for booking a trip to Paris is to coordinate your dates with when the bigger museums offer their free admission. Although most museums generally are free, places like the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay have an entry charge. Except that is on the first Sunday of every month.


If ever there was a place to take up photography, Paris must be it! It’s famed limestone offers the perfect back drop and bounces light beautifully, even on the greyest of days. And with it’s bold love of art you’ll find all sorts to snap yourself with. From moody monuments to ornate facades as well as infinite grid worthy walls adorned with vibrant graffiti.

What ever you do and where ever you go, just have fun. Take in the sites and don’t make your visit money centric. My top tip would be to write up a Parisian Bucket List and casually enjoy ticking it off!

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Bon Voyage,

Berrit x

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