Eyebrows: Getting The Perfect ‘Brow

Getting the perfect ‘brow can be a real pain in the, well face! At the minute though every make up tutorial is all about the eyebrows. But if like me you were born in the 80’s and inevitably plucked the crap out of yours in the 90’s, no fear! Even Nikki Tutorials struggles to to get her flick en fleek!

For the past year I’ve been growing my loosely related caterpillars back in. It’s been a ball ache and somewhat embarrassing at times, but I think I’ve almost met the finishing line. And almost perfected the mum ‘brow. As in a near flawless finish that can be achieved with two sprogs nibbling at your ankles. I’m not entirely joking, it literally can feel like an extreme sport sometimes! But with perseverance I’ve found some great cheats and tips to getting the perfect eyebrow.

Oh Pluck!

My number one tip would be to throw away the tweezers and let those bad boys grow. The hairier and scarier the better. Think Frida meets Madonna and embrace the fuzz. The more you let them grow back, the more you’ll have to work with later on. Don’t get me wrong it’s a tough time equal only to growing out a fringe, but persistence is key. Commit, commit, commit! And let those stubbles show.

Charlotte Tilbury, Make-up Artist Tanya Harvey says:

“For the perfect ‘brow the fluffier they are the better!”

Her tip to getting flawless eyebrows is to use their legendary brow gel.

Castor Oil

The best tip I’ve had for getting my furry stubs to blossom has been to use castor oil on them. Brushed into your eyebrows each night before bed. It’s not only therapeutic, it conditions the hair follicles and promotes growth.

My personal favourite is from the Body Shop, which I apply using an old (cleaned) mascara wand. Castor oil was a real help for me, especially after my postpartum hair loss caused both my hair line and eyebrows to recede!

Call A Friend

I’m quite lucky that a very close friend of mine (Jo Karran) is an awesome make-up artist and so I quiz her for tips all the time. But the fact is your mates generally are a great source of info on how to change up your routine or try something new.

Jo says:

“Brush eyebrows with a spoolie. Using your chosen product i.e. pencil or gel to fill in the brows. Start at the middle so you don’t get too much product on the inner corner. Then brush through with a spoolie again to keep them looking natural. Finally, set with a clear brow gel. Don’t over pluck!”

Get Them Done Did

Instead of insanely starring yourself out as you pluck through a teary squint, have a professional clean up and shape your ‘brows for you. it’s one less botheration and that way you’ll only need to worry about them every 6-8 weeks. Getting perfect eyebrows costs as little as a fiver per session.

Put The Razor Down

For the love of good ‘brows, no matter how rushed you are, never shave them! Apart from being slightly dangerous, it can cause those ‘brows to grow all over ya face. Making them harder to train, but also causing you more work to maintain.

For me personally I’ve found having them waxed and then the edges cleaned up and defined with threading has given me the best results.

‘Brows Before Hows

That sub-heading made far more sense in my head than it does on screen! <<insert face palm>> Anyways… What I was trying to tediously link to was that when doing your make-up, eyebrows should come first. When I was first told this it seemed so ridiculous. I’d always been taught to do my face from the base and work the eyes and brows on top of this. However, its really easy to over do the pencil, when shaping up your eyebrows. By doing them first you’ll find that you have more time and product to blend and match them into the over all look of your face.

And again, that makes perfect sense in my head, but reading it back might seem a little over complicated. So, I’ve put a quick video together for you to see exactly what I mean and do.

Brow for now!

Berrit x


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