Brand New Molang On Tiny Pop: Give-A-Way

To celebrate the launch of brand new Molang (season 4) on Tiny Pop, we’ve got 5 Molang, plush bundles to give-a-way! So, come enjoy the fun and take a peep at what’s to come in season 4. Make sure to read until the end for details on how to enter.

Forever Friends

True friendships stand the test of time. And Molang and Piu Piu’s friendship is timeless, going all the way back to the Stone Age. Our much loved and acclaimed heroes take over History with their unfaltering wit and good spirit. Molang teaches us that with friendship we can always find happiness.

Sneak Peak

Season 4 of the brand new Molang episodes touches on the concept of affection, happiness and friendship in different periods of history. The friendship that united the ancestors of Molang and Piu Piu, and has united Molang and Piu Piu themselves in modern day, has always had an extraordinary impact on their environment and surroundings. It leads them on incredible adventures full of humour. As Christopher Columbus despairs in finding
a passage to the Indias, Molang and Piu Piu prepare a cake for him that is going to change the course of his travels!

Where & When

All new episodes of Molang will air Weekdays at 7:30am and 4:00pm only on Tiny Pop. Tune in via Freeview: 207, Sky: 617, Virgin: 737 or Freesat: 605.

All images Copyright: © 2020/Hayanori/Millimages


For a chance to win 1 of 5 Molang bundles, provided by Tiny Pop TV simply enter via the widget below before midnight Friday 27th July 2020. UK entry only, see widget for full T&C’s. You can also enter (using the same widget) via the Counting to ten blog.

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Good luck,

Berrit x


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  1. Tracy Nixon

    Molang’s best friend is Piu Piu!

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    Piu Piu is Molang’s best friend!

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    Piu Piu is his best friend

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    Piu Piu

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    Pui pui

  18. Margaret Gallagher

    Weekdays at 7:30am and 4:00pm only on Tiny Pop. Tune in via Freeview: 207, Sky: 617, Virgin: 737 or Freesat: 605.

  19. Gill Mitchell

    Piu Piu

  20. Rebecca Beesley

    Piu piu is molang’s friend! My daughter is a big molang fan

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    Piu piu is the best friend

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    The cutest!

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    Piu Piu

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    Piu Piu!

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    Piu piu x

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    His friend is Piu piu

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    Best f4iend is Piu Piu.

  29. Lyndsey cooksey

    Aww how cute! Piu piu is Molang’s best friend!

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    Piu Piu is Molangs friend

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    Piu Piu

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    Piu Piu

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    Piu Piu is the name of Molang’s best friend.

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    Pin piu x

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    Piu Piu is Molands best friend!

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    Molang’s best friend is Piu Piu 🙂

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    Piu Piu is the best friend of Molang

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    Molang’s best friend is Piu Piu!

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    Molang’s best friend is Piu Piu x

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    Piu Piu which is an awesome name! Makes me imagine the sound a child makes when firing a toy gun!

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    Hello, Molang’s best friend is called Piu Piu. Thank you for the chance to win.

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    His friend is Piu Piu

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    Piu Piu is the name of Molang’s best friend.

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    Molang’s best friend is Piu Piu

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    Molang’s best friend is a chick called Piu-Piu

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    Piu Piu

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    Molang’s best friend is Piu Piu

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    The best friend is Piu Piu. They’re so cute!

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    Piu Piu

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    Molang’s best friend is called Piu Piu

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