Christmas: Our Top Ten

It’s a family tradition (on my side of the family) to put up and decorate our Christmas trees on the 12th of December, we call this Joshua Tree day. And for me it’s the perfect time to begin the end of year festivities. I love Christmas but, I often find that when it gets drawn out over too long a period of time, it tends to get diluted down. Having to wait increases our excitement through pure anticipation alone. Just doing the 12 days of Christmas also makes Elf On The Shelf a lot easier. 24 days of maintaining a good level of Elf shenanigans was just way too much effort. What I can spend infinite amounts of time on however, is Pinterest. Prepping my decoration arrangements and Christmas accessories. Here’s my top ten run down of  favourite must have/do Noel niceties.



These stockings were sourced from Target in the States, but a great tip is to find a cheap stocking and customise it with fancy embelishments.


Stocking Fillers:John Lewis has an amazing array of creative stocking filler ideas from as little as £3.00 per gift.


Tree Decorations: one of the lovely parts about putting up and decorating the tree is bringing out all the ornaments and baubles we’ve collected over the years. Although, I do quite love a sketchy, handmade adornment my favourite find this year by far are these Harrods London icon tree hangers.


Table ware:

I love these stocking cuttlery holders by John Lewis, now two for £5.99

These forks, by Wayfair are perfect for tucking into christmas pud. Why not mix and match by hunting down different parts of your Christmas day set from various shops and online stores.


Table Decorations


Crackers: Are great to have a superfluous amount of to decorate the house, tree, table and stockings with. But also to just generally have fun with through out the entire day. A great trick is to pick cheap ones, that you can re-use year in year out for your decorations and splash out on a few fancy shmancy ones for getting snap happy over dinner.


Cards & Crafts: It can be a bit of a ball ache, especially with the kids. And even more so if you’re trying to get that authentic ‘my kids made this (crap)” look, but it’ll win you massive mum points if you pull it off. My tip; keep it bold and simple like this Santa’s jacket card.


Pets Accessories: Are they even your pets if you don’t force them to join in the fun!?


Gingerbread Cookies & Sweets: Great for the family to munch on while they wait to be fed, but also perfect for setting the mood and getting everyone into the spirit, by their smell alone. We love Cooooookies!


Festive PJs & Jumpers: What’s the point of having kids if you don’t partake in the mildest amount of ritual humiliation. Like matching family Jammie J’s!

merry christmas!


the boos & the berrit xxxx

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    1. Booberrit

      Thank you, you too!

  1. Love your Christmas top ten and glad we are not the only ones to hold off putting up the tree until later in December. Ours usually goes up in mid December too. I do love the idea of matching Christmas PJs – we’ve never done that but I love seeing other people’s photos #KidsandKreativity

    1. Booberrit

      I thinking waiting makes it all that much more exciting! Samesies PJs 100% for the win!

  2. Kids of the Wild

    Love those festive PJs! Like you I prefer a shorter Christmas season – my birthday is the first week in December so Christmas is never allowed to start before that, and it seems to make the season more special. This year we’ve finally got round to making a driftwood star for our driftwood tree! (shared in this linky). Your festive countdown is great. Wild wishes for a wonderful Christmas #kidsandkreativity

    1. Booberrit

      Definitely don’t want to get fobbed off with a combined Xmas/bday celebration!!!

  3. Kerry

    Some lovely ideas, i love the matching PJs- tried to do that this year but hubby refused. Settled for matching jumpers instead. Thanks again for sharing at #KidsandKreativity x

    1. Booberrit

      There’s always one isn’t there! 😂❤️

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