Women’s Intimate Health: Bacterial Vaginosis #AD

It’s time to ‘Treat and Defeat Bacterial Vaginosis!’ says Canestest. So, let’s put on our big girl pants and talk women’s intimate health. Canestest and Canesbalance have embarked on a campaign to help make sure women have the knowledge they need to understand Bacterial Vaginosis (BV).

What’s BV?

BV is a common intimate health condition, which affects up to 1 in 3 women. Yet, despite being so common research conducted by Canesten shows that over half of women do not know what Bacterial Vaginosis is! Even worse 28% of those with BV suffered in silence, trying to ignore or cover it up.


In layman’s terms: pretty much anything revolved around having a vagina! It’s difficult to know exactly what causes the change in PH and resultant imbalance in bacteria as literally any day to day activity from sex to having a bubble bath or even a coil fitted can trigger it. What’s good to know is that once it has been identified as an issue it can be treated with relative ease.


The most common symptoms are:

  • grey, watery discharge
  • fishy odour

Know Thyself

Your body, your vagina; don’t be afraid of it! Conditions such as BV and Thrush are normal so, own it. For me a great aid (gifted by Canesten as part of a PR pack) has been their Self-Test pack. I’ve been really poorly with suspected glandular fever for the past month and for me being sick and/or having to take antibiotics pretty much always result in a total flip of my PH levels. Being able to test myself not only offers me peace of mind (which is priceless), it helps me to defeat any issues before they get out of control! 

Canestest simply works by inserting a swab into the vagina, to test it’s PH levels. It then has a colour indicator that let’s you know if your PH levels have changed.


So, what you waiting for? Go check yo self, before you wreck yo self! Vaginas are wonderful thangs, take care of yours.

Much love,

Berrit x

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