Skin Care: Night Time Routine

It’s important to have a good skin care routine, I’ve been told. So, at nine months postpartum with savage number two and possibly after watching too many Vogue tutorials, I’m finally trying to get back into being a real life human again. Starting with re-establishing some form of night time routine. After 3 years away from society it’s time to resurface once more. Well, in small doses at least. Because in the words of my best friend Ceyda, who recently became a first time mum

“babies make you live in a parallel universe.”

So, here’s my night time routine. A de-cobwebbing of my visuals if you will.


•Application brush

•Sensitive baby wipes

•Light facial scrub

•Face Mask

•Hypo allergenic night cream

I normally start my night time, wind down routine once I’ve had a shower. I really like to shower before bed, I know alot of mums prefer to get up early and shower in the morning. This has just never worked for me.

I start by removing any left over mascara with a cleansing wipe; normally a baby wipe if I’m honest. My go to baby wipes at the moment are the purple packet from Aldi (Mamia), they’re 99.5% natural and suitable for extra sensitive skin.

Once a week after I’ve cleansed my face, I use a light hypo allergenic facial scrub for a deep cleanse before applying a thick peel off mud mask. A great tip for even application of the mask is to use a flat make-up application brush. As for the scrub I swear by using a combination of steaming hot water followed by shockingly cold water to wash off the scrub. This helps to really get into my pores and tighten my skin.

Every night I also use a night cream from the No.7 range at Boots. And that’s basically me, before I crawl into bed, down a gallon of water and attempt to get a least 2.5 hours (not so beauty) sleep!

Vlog it

For a more in depth look at what I do, why not watch my vlog post. Help a sister out, don’t forget to subscribe. Mama needs to go viral!


I’d love to hear your tips for freshening up before bed and trying to re-humanise after the kids have gone to sleep.

Night, night!

Berrit x

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