Kinder Mode: Fashion Functionality #AD*

Kinder Mode, was founded on the belief that fashion and functionality can co-exist. Timeless, chic clothing designed with simple patterns, quality fabrics and playful sophistication, for kids.


With Theon growing a squillion foot a second it feels like we’re in a constant cycle of re-wardrobing him. The worst part of which being in the short time he does have anything it’s worn thread bare and covered in crap from all his threenager antics, before it can ever be forwarded on to a charity shop or handed down!

Which is where Kinder Mode step in. These soft, luxurious eco-friendly jammies are not only gorgeous but, good for the earth too. Made from bamboo and designed in the cutest nautical print.

Heads up if you’ve Ugly-Dolls fans in the family as Kindermode are also stockists.

We were lucky enough to be sent a gifted package of clothes from Kinder Mode, for the kids to try on and review.

P is so in love with this rainbow, sequin leggings and bomber jacket set that we’re going to place an order for the matching rainbow and perfume backpack

Our Order

Nicely sized and in good quality fabrics we also ordered this monotone swing dress and cartoon dino twin set sweats. Theon loves how comfy and cosy the track suit is. I love how thick and durable the fabric is!

Watching him run around the playground with his dino spikes is so adorable. You can check out their full range via their insta account or by visiting the website.

This is an unpaid, gifted AD. However, all opinions within this article are our own. What tips do you have for making life a little more eco-friendly and gorgeous!?

Berrit x

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