Supporting Small Business: Switch Assist #AD

More than ever it is important that we support small businesses and the self employed. I was recently introduced to the founder of Switch Assist. Father of two and entrepreneur Graeme asked if I’d try out his invention and let him know my thoughts. So, here it is!

This ingenious stick, topped with a wheel can be attached to your existing light switch to allow your little ones the ability to switch it on and off. Switch Assist means no getting up before your alarm clock goes off, to turn the light on for them as they want a sneaky 20 mins of cartoons before breakfast. It’s no need to drop everything to turn on the stairs/landing light so that they can go to the loo. But, ultimately it’s a little bit of independence, something all parents know toddlers and threenagers are a sucker for!

Talking of suckers, it’s not a permanent fixture to your light fitting either. There’s no sticking faf or nightmare removal. Four suckers ( 1 in each corner) allow you to easily put it in place and then remove it when it’s no longer needed. Which for us has been perfect especially for trips away or sleep overs at Grandma’s.

We recently showed Theon using his gifted Switch Assist on our Insta page and his reaction was priceless.

Unsurprisingly 100% of those that voted said they were really interested in this fab, new parent led product. So, Graeme and the team are now offering an exclusive discount on purchases made by Booberrit followers. Use BERRITVIP25 for 25% off your next Switch Assist purchase, until April 30th 2020.

Remember support local, support small business and #Dontkeepmum ! Let us know of any fab parent led products or initiatives that you’d like us to support.

Much love,

Berrit x

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