Twenty Questions: With Lisa Hodson

In the first episode of Twenty Questions for our IGTV channel, I happened upon the glorious Lisa Hodson. The creator of Hollybobs, a family lifestyle blog that follows the tales of Holly and Jack, with an occasional appearance from mummy and daddy. Beautifully colourful and fully aimed at making it’s subscribers smile. Lisa is also a huge advocate of raising awareness for those with chronic illness.

Earlier this year I set myself a challenge to track down 20 bloggers and/or influencers and ask them 20 questions on the spot! Here’s a break down of answers from North West Blogger Lisa Hodson.

Twenty Answers

1: How are you?

I’m good!

2:Where are you going?

Just up this way…

3:Favourite colour?


4: Indoors or outdoors?


5: Hot or Cold?


6: Tea or Coffee?


7: Cats or Dogs?


8: Boys or Girls?


9: High st. or designer?

High st.

10: Mountains or Woodlands?


11: Wine or beer?

Ow wine.

12: High heels or flats?

Generally flats, but I like to wear high heels too.

13: Selfie or group photo?

A selfie, whilst with a group photo.

14: PJ Party or going out party?

Both! I like both!

15: What’s your favourite type of music?


16: Favourite TV show?


17: Favourite movie?

How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days.

18: Favourite quote?

“Always” – Harry Potter.

19:Mantra for life?


20: Tips for mummy bloggers?

Be yourself, talk about yourself.

Thank you!

A huge thank you to Lisa for being such a good sport and supporting other bloggers in the community!

If you fancy being grilled ping me a message on:


Berrit x

For full interview watch the video link below:

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