What’s On Your Plate: CousCous Salad

Today’s What’s on Your Plate feature for our IG page was sweet potato and spinach, couscous salad. Couscous is a great way to bulk out a salad and turn it from something on the side to a full on mains, show stopper. This salad recipe is vegetarian friendly.


To make your couscous salad you will need:

2 x cups of Couscous

1/2 a sliced cucumber

a handful of sliced raddish

1 grated carrot

a handful of quartered baby, plum tomatoes

1/4 red bell pepper

2 handfuls of spinach

1 large sweet potato

1 table spoon of honey

2 table spoons of soy


A good glug of extra virgin olive oil


Put your couscous into a bowl and cover in boiling water, then cover with a plate and leave to rest for ten minutes.

Once it’s absorbed all the water, fluff it up with a fork. Work through it to break up all the small pieces, aerating it to help it cool down and stop it from clumping.

Add your cucumber, raddish, carrot, tomatoes and pepper to the couscous, sprinkle in a pinch of salt, a glug of oil and then toss.

Now add your spinach and toss again.

Let the salad sit, while you put some oil into a pan.

Cut your sweet potato into chips and fry.

Once cooked, season your chips and allow to cool.

In a cup mix your honey and soy.

Add the sweet potato to your salad and dress with the honey and soy dressing, then toss one last time.


Plate up and enjoy! This dish will leave both your eyes and your tummy full!

Bon appetite,

Berrit x

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