Scruff-A-Luvs: *GIFTED

Scruff-A-Luvs have literally saved isolation for me. *Gifted just as the kids began showing early signs of going isolation cray cray. And just as I was straight up out of ways to distract them! A joyous box of colourful delights showed up at our door from the glorious humans at Moose Toys.

The Range

We received 4 x Scruff-a-luvs babies (£9.99) and 2 x large Scruff-a-luvs, one of which was a limited edition jungle animal (£19.99). Each character comes with a carrier case, certificate, comb and accessory. With each toy’s back story and adventure, providing enough imagination inspiration to guide at least a weeks worth of play! Meaning the selection we received could be stretched out over the entire 8 weeks (and counting) that we’ve been in lockdown.

That’s not even the loveliest bit. As this is all part of an initiative to raise money to help the RSPCA find real life animals their furever homes. So far, collectively they’ve raised £110,000 for the charity!

Getting Through

I broke out the second batch today along with the paddling pool! It’s a rough ride for all of us with me trying to balance working from home (full time) and being mum/entertainer/chef/cleaner/walking snot rag (full time). Today went a bit tits up, if I’m honest. I missed a conference call, the dog was sick, P’s teeth are killing her and Theon was as bored as hell again! I just needed something to inspire their imaginations and buy me more than five minutes of solid play, while I sat (paddling) pool side and recovered!

Thank god for the last of the scruff-a-luvs. The perfect paddling pool accompaniment. They got them out and bathed in the pool with them. Gently washing away their vine leaves and ratty, tatty hair. Before drying off together and snuggling up on the couch for some quiet time.

Layers of Fun

There are so many layers of fun and adventure within each toy. From not knowing what you’re going to get until you’ve washed, cleaned and styled it to comparing toys and filling in their birth certificates.

Theon is especially fond of his Monkey and felt quite sad learning that some animals don’t have homes. It inspired him to want to learn about the jungle and the lives of endangered species. Each toy was a great conversation starter’ gently leading them through the day, through play. And in all honesty a perfect distraction from current affairs and the fact they’re missing all their friends and our extended family!

Stay Tuned

The kids have actually done a vlog review of the toys they’ve received. You know they’ve loved playing with something when they want to get the camera out to document it. I should hopefully have it up, by Julember! – Don’t, I’m already judging myself!

Seriously though how are you managing and what’s getting you through?

Stay safe!


Berrit x

*Disclaimer: All the toys within this article were gifted. However, this is not a paid AD and all opinions written are my own.

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