Creative Play: Superhero Hands

Today’s creative play session has been inspired by activities sent out by Theon’s school. Superhero hands are so easy to make and lots of fun to create. Other than the cutting, at 4 Theon was able to do pretty much every element of the activity, unaided.

You Will Need

To make your own superhero hands you will need:



Paints or pens to colour in


PVA glue


First, take the card and a pen and draw around your child’s hand. Now cut out the hand silhouette. Let your child colour in the hand. Green, for a ninja turtle, blue for Superman, black for Batman and red for Spiderman. Whilst they’re colouring you can use the rest of the card to cut out the masks /cape/pants. Remember for Batman to cut in two points at the base of the hand for his bat ears! For this session we drew in the eyes, but why not try using stick on boggly eyes to make your superheroes more interactive!

5 Fun Facts

  1. Spider in Greek is ‘Arachni’.
  2. The 4 ninja turtles were called: Donatello, Michaelangelo, Leonard and Raphael.
  3. Superman is a vegetarian.
  4. Bruce Wayne has an IQ of 192.
  5. Did you know that there is a Spider-Woman, who is a top secret spy that works for SHIELD!?


Don’t buy supplies specifically for this task. Instead source card from your recycle bin. We’ve used empty cereal boxes.


Theon really loved making his superhero hands. And actually spent hours after playing with them and creating voices to bring them to life. I love that the of the activity goes beyond the creative session itself. We’ve since gone one further and made other characters and added lolly sticks to them to create puppets.

Make sure to share your superhero pics with us over on facebook. And if you’ve any creative play ideas, share them in the comments below.

Have fun,

Berrit x

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