5 Quick Wins: Tips For New Bloggers

Valid tips for new bloggers are often difficult to come by without a sign up fee. So, I’ve collated my 5 quick wins for starting out. If you’re one of the many new bloggers born out of lockdown, then you’re in the right place. This article is going to list off a handful of hacks I’ve gathered over my four years of blogging. If you’re a seasoned blogger, I’m going to put my hands and simply say: I’m no digital guru! You will probably know more than me and so this post probably won’t be suited to you. But, you never know, you might just find a gem you’d never considered or come across before!


The quickest wins for me have come from simply listening! I hoard whatever blog tips and quick wins that I can get my hands on. For me the best place to find good tips on marketing yourself and your blog tend to be via free webinars.


Whether it’s sharing what you know in a blog post or what you’re doing (via stories), sharing your content and engaging with others will help to broaden your audience bandwidth. The biggest challenge for most bloggers and influencers being finding a way to crack the algorithm in order for the content they share to dominate the feeds!

It’s good to remember that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are free to join and use. They make their money from advertising. However, to make money this way from businesses (and influencers) they need an audience to sell to. Therefore, if you can create content that captivates people and holds their focus i.e. they don’t scroll up, your content in return will be prioritised within that social media platform.

Additionally, once you publish a post on social media it’s a general rule of thumb that you’ve around 90 minutes to crack the algorithm. And because personal accounts will always hold precedence over business accounts, it’s good to make sure that your following is predominantly personal account holders rather than businesses or other bloggers and influencers.


As light and fluffy as blogging looks from the outside, bloggers themselves can often be cutthroat and too competitive to collaborate. Not all, but a lot! However, someone once told me the key to success was sharing. That copying wasn’t only a compliment, it’s how we evolve. If someone wants to copy you, let them try! If you’re good at what you do then there is no competition. Welcome the competition and interest in what you’re doing! Their inability to do it as well as you, will only help highlight the quality of what you do!

Ultimately for me collaborating with others is a great way to mutually bolster and grow your following and make strong peer connections! Being from a large family, I’m a natural born collaborator, yet in my experience collaboration requests are often received with suspicion. My top tip to collaborating, is just to be open to every opportunity and network, network, network. Once you find your blogger fam, hold them close and refer back to tip 2: share!

Back Links

The best way to up the domain authority (DA) of your blog is through backlinks. This can be done by guest posting for others, linking up (linkys) and participating in round up articles.


I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that Pinterest is a form of social media. People don’t socialise on Pinterest, they search. Consequently, it should be seen as a search engine. As a new blogger tackling SEO and getting any kind of grasp of Google can seem like the unconquerable mountain. Think of Pinterest as a small, more manageable Google.

Next, pin the shit out of every piece of digital content you create! It will go a long way to help drive traffic to your blog.

And that’s all for now. I hope I’ve helped. Remember there’s only one you and blog on!

Much love,

Berrit x

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