Gaining Online Social Influence: Being Heard

Gaining online social influence is all about being heard and not just making noise! Harnessing an ability to captivate an audience is a game changer.

It’s easy to make noise, my kids are professional noise makers. But, only about 10% of what they squeal is audible and after a long days work in all honesty I’m not their key audience. Trying to garner online presence can often leave you feeling like the irritating toddler, unable to get anyone’s attention.

Most professionals I speak to about framing their social media feel disheartened by their lack of authority. Despite having all the platforms, beautiful visuals and a nicely filled calendar of activity to post about, they just don’t seem to be able to hit the right people at the right time or regularly enough to feel listened to. If this is you, these are my top three tips to being heard.

Have A Message

Do you know what you’re trying to say? Think about your message and the response you want to get back. If you’re talking for the sake of it, then you are just white noise! Think about the demographic of your audience and face them. Channel into that niche and consider where the discrepancies are. Work out what gaps you can fill and then begin to ask thought provoking questions that enable engagement.

Be Seen

You might have all your platforms set up, but who are they aimed at and how in-sync is each network? It might be that your watering down your own content by having too much to say to, too many people? Your niche and message both need to be clear and defined and clearly defined!

Lead With Conviction

Believe in yourself! If you know you have value to offer, then deliver it with confidence. Do not give judgement a platform. If you’re feeling intimidated about posting content, it’s because you care too much about what others think. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to care, but reframe your thoughts. Think rather about all the positive things they might say about you rather than the negative!

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You’ll never get good engagement rates on content you don’t post and on the things you don’t say. Social influence is all about being the voice. So, speak loud, proud and lead the conversation.

You’ve got this,

Berrit x

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