Bathroom Hacks: DIY Soap Dispenser

When you’re in need of some bathroom hacks, it’s the smallest and cheapest things that can sometimes make the biggest changes. This DIY soap dispenser is a great way to create a cheap but luxurious addition to any bathroom. Especially a bathroom in need of a revamp!

What To Use

Most Gin bottles will lend themselves quite nicely to this task. For my soap dispenser however, I’ve used a Hortus bottle. They’ve such a classic, vintage shape. They look like large, vintage apothecary bottles which matches nicely with the current style of our powder room.

How To

I’ve simply taken the pump out of the bottle of handle soap I bought at the super market and popped it into the empty (sterilised) gin bottle.


If you’re looking to do the same, look for a branded spirit bottle, with a logo that matches your bathroom colours and style. Bombay Sapphire bottles look great on window seals and Hendrix is a great addition to rooms with accents of earthy tones.

What bathroom hacks and tips do you have, for adding a splash of fun or revamping a room? Remember sharing is caring; drop them in the comments below.

Happy revamping,

Berrit x

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