Holiday Hacks: Watering Your Plants When Away

Holiday hack 101: how the hell are you meant to be watering your plants when away on holiday? So you’ve managed to level up to keeping plants as well as humans alive. Well done, give yourself a pat on the back, you’ve earned yourself a break. Spoiler alert the plants can’t come with you! – If only the same could be said for the kids, right!? (I’m kidding! Kind of!) But honestly, those plants will need watering. Otherwise what’s the effing point?!

What’s My Problem?

I booked my break away, got a total bargain. I then got super excited followed by super stressed. As I’d totally forgotten about: The dog, er I dunno a somewhat scary pandemic oh and the plants. Who’s meant to be watering my plants while I’m away?

Fear not, if you too are in such a predicament I’ve 5 holiday hacks for watering your plants while away on holiday.

Damp Towel

Collect all your plants and allow them to collectively Stay-Cay in the same room, while you’re on your jols. Don’t worry plants don’t have to socially distance. Once you’ve collected them up place a damp towel on the radiator in the same room. This will allow moisture to slowly evaporate into the atmosphere for the plants to drink. Having them all together will help to create a mini-eco system.

Soaked Fir Cons

Collect fir cons and allow them to soak for a couple of days. Fully immerse them in a bowl of water and let them get as soggy as possible. Then place 2/3 fir cons (depending on the size of the plant) in each plant pot.


Really basic, but simply put a saucer under your plant pot and then fill the saucer with water. This will then be absorbed up from the bottom of the pot.

Feeder Tube

Re-use plant food feeder tubes. Simply squeeze the tube under a running tap. Collect a full tubes worth of water and then insert the tube into the soil of your plant. Repeat for each plant you have. The feeding tube will slowly release water into the pot.

Glass With A ‘Straw’

No, I’m not saying mix up some plant cocktails. Your plants don’t need ice or a slice. Instead rig a jar of water so that it is sat above the level of the plant pot. Here’s for the scientific part; create a ‘straw’ by using porous string. You’ll need to weight down the end that needs to go into the bottom of the jar and the string will need to be long enough so that the opposing end can be pushed into the plant pot soil.

Hopefully now you’ll have one less thing to worry about whilst on your holidays.

Happy watering your plants whilst away!


Berrit x

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