Tie Dye trend: *Gifted By Femme Luxe

Hey Boobies! This month Berrit and I decided that we would double team the Tie Dye trend with product gifted by Femme Luxe. It’s a trend that’s been taking Instagram by storm. When we weren’t baking banana bread during lockdown, we were sticking our old clothes into batches of dye.

90’s Revenge or Revival?

Now, I can imagine most of us thought that we’d left tie-dye in the 90’s. You know along with shell suits and tooth gems! But thanks to designers such as Ganni and Isabel Marant introducing the styling into their collections, it seems to have had its resurgence this Summer! I have to be honest, I had a go myself whilst in the depths of lockdown. I dyed my sink and toilet pink
(don’t ask!). Luckily for the less creative of us Femme Luxe have taken the
responsibility out of our hands with gorgeous and wearable pieces.

Maybe you’re someone that likes lounge wear or you like getting dressed up. Well, we’ve created outfits from day to night. And that will work on a variety of ages, sizes and heights. Looking for just a suggestive splash of tie dye? They even have masks to match.

For One & All

Firstly, I wanted to pair this Mid Blue Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt (£8.99) with Femme Luxe’s Black Cargo Trousers (£14.99). It’s an easy day to day look. This is perfect with trainers or even heels. I love mixing more stereotypical casual styles with heels. Or big jewellery and a bold lip to elevate it to “night out” worthy. However, just a simple pair of trainers and a leather rucksack is going to make you the coolest Mum at the school gates. Here’s a throw back to Berrit, on the school run in the same trousers. They really do complement all shapes and sizes.

I know this next look won’t be for everyone, but with Autunm edging nearer, I wanted to bring a bit of sunshine and personally. I feel clashing prints always brings this. This Pink Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt (£8.99) and leopard print cycling short combo are everythin! Add some sandals and it’s perfect for those last-minute holidays!

Lastly, we wanted to bring you a bit of sass! I am obsessed with a blazer. I think this is a really cool and “grown-up” way to do tie-dye. This is the Purple Tie Dye Padded Shoulder Sleeveless T-Shirt (£11.99).

I must admit, at first I was torn when it came to the shoulder pads. Now I think with the structure of the leather skirt and blazer it really works!

How do you feel about tie dye? Do you think it should have been left in the 90’s? Have you got any trends you want to stick into room 101? Drop your opinions in the comments below.

Join The Bright Side

-It’s Berrit here! After our article on sizing, Jodie and I wanted to show how fashion can be embraced by us all! So, we’ve put a couple of videos together of us each styling our tie dye tops.

We’re setting you a challenge. The #TieDyeChallenge put together your best tie dye outfit in a TikTok/IG Reel and tag us in your stories on Instagram.

Much love,

Jodie & Berrit xx

*Although some of the clothes within this article were gifted by Femme Luxe, this is an unpaid review. All opinions within this article are our own. All gifted items have been listed.

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