Surviving Lockdown: By Taking Things Easier

I’m not here to lie, it’s not going to be easy, even for just a month. But I’ll be surviving lockdown by taking things easier. We’ve done it before and we WILL get through it again!

Keep to a routine

So, ‘they’; the Joe Wixes the Pinterest Premium people say: “Keep to a routine”. And in all honesty Karen you’re perfectly right, BUT! Everyone is in unfamiliar territory so I say just keep it “average”. Don’t over exert yourself or push yourself to be any kind of hybrid human. Try to find you rhythm and a beat that keeps you moving. But don’t let routine consume you and tie you down! Listen to yourself and your feelings however, you’re feeling, it’s all completely valid!


Stay home, don’t stay home. Have routine, create variety; it’s all so conflicting and confusing! But you need to be thinking about what’s going to keep you mentally stimulated. What’s going to give you the drive and joy to wake up, but also wear you out enough to make you fall asleep at the end of a long, lockdown day! For me it’s doing everything in bite sized chunks. Work for ten minutes, mooch for ten minutes. Set the kids up with tasks, cook some lunch, eat your lunch. Read a page of a book, drink a glass of water, send the email, write your jobs list for the week, make your bed. Keep moving if that keeps you going, but work your way through the day slowly ticking small, digestible chunks off your list.


They, themens, THE peeps say regular exercise. I say just move! Move freely, thoughtless and happily. Movement is key to keeping the body going and helping to wear yourself out so you can switch off and recharge.
Walk, Run, Cycle, Sway, Dance, Yoga, Jog, Hop, Stretch. Start off slow and steady and build yourself up.

Healthy eating

Just eat! I’m so sick of all the dietary police, around here. Just eat and stay hydrated. Fed is best for mums too. Sure if you can keep it as balanced as is humanly possible, great! Just make sure you’re taking the time to nourish yourself on something other than left over kid’s scraps!

Pay It Forward

Being nice, feels nice! Do something every day that makes you feel good. Whether that’s painting your nails or maybe ordering from a local business. Make yourself feel good for being supportive. Vibe off the positivity. If you like what you receive, then shout about it. Imagine how much of a boost it will give that person/small business. Then take pride in the good you’ve put out!

Monitor Your social media

If you need to shut it off all together, but don’t feel you have to. Especially if you feel that it’s your life line to the world outside your bubble. Just scroll responsibly and be aware of the time you’re spending online. Or maybe just change the way in which you use social media. Use it to stay in touch with friends, family and neighbours. And steer clear from getting lost in news feeds. Swap out stories for zoom meets. And remember watching someone else’s feed does not count as checking in on them. Even if they seem ok on their grid and in their stories, still check in on them!

Look after you mental health

Practice breathing and mindfulness. Take yourself outside even if it’s just to your doorstep and let your mind and sight wonder up into the infinite sky. Talk about how you feel. Write your feelings down. And seek out advice if you’re feeling like you’re in an un-liftable slump. Your feelings are 100% valid and all of us need that little extra care every now and then. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help, don’t keep mum!


You’ve got this. So, give yourself a break! Stop going over things again and again. Don’t compare yourself or judge how your handling things. Work and kids and life and staying hydrated, healthy, happy are all a juggle struggle, don’t beat yourself up because your not keeping up with the Kardashians. Don’t expect yourself to flex and adjust all the time. Employers WILL have to understand. We WILL get through this. Let yourself know it’s ok and that you’ve got this. Believe in yourself, take a deep breath and chill! These are not normal times but everything you’re feeling is completely normal.

Show your support to others reading this by dropping your tips and experiences in the comments below.

We’re in this together!

Much love,

Berrit x

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