5 Favourite Dog Gifts: Bedding

When looking for the perfect dog gifts not much beats brand new bedding. Whether its a plush new mattress, blanket or snoozy donut a brand new bed to our pet pals is like fresh new linen to us! And never has there ever been more of a need for good quality, stylish pet bedding than now. I don’t know bout you but my companion animals offer me so much joy and entertainment I want them to be able to snooze and chill, where ever they like. So heres my top 5 dog gifts for Bedding.


Make absolutely brilliant dog gifts and are great for getting them tucked in on those colder nights but also equally good for protecting couches from puppy glitter (also known as fur). Our top pick are these Cath Kidston Pet Flora Fauna Blankets in Striking Blue and Yellow.


The great thing about pet bedding these days is that you can pretty much find anything to match your own style. Gone are the stand plastic baskets and questionable brown fabrics. Instead try Mrs Hinch style grey wicker and country style beds with reversible inlays!


Particularly good for bigger dogs but also those pampered smaller pooches, who want their Princess and the Pea moment! For added comfort choose memory foam. Top tips when selecting your items: look for wipeable fabrics and for larger and/or older dogs place mattresses on to a slightly raised, hard bed. That way they’ve less impact on their joints as well as a reduction in condensation in the fabric often produced when their high body heat meets the cold surface of cold flooring.

Christmas dog gifts


A great way to accessorise your home without sacrificing your style and own personal, favourite furnishings! Baloo loves this Tweedy Cushion, which is why we have several dotted around the house.


What are your favourite dog gifts? Drop us your inspo and best buys in the comments below.

Anxiety is not only on the rise with hoomans. Taking a huge brunt of that negative energy is our pet pals. Doggos especially can suffer quite badly with separation anxiety, loneliness as well as fear and confusion caused by loud noises during festive periods. Snuggly pet toys or companion cuddlies with relaxing scents can be great to take the edge off a dog day! Beds with high raised sides and fluffy fabrics are also soothing. Top on our list of dog gifts are the Starry Night toys and award winning Dream Paws anxiety beds, great for cats too and also come with a free pet toy!

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