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So happy to introduce today’s guest post: Purc Organics. A revolutionary haircare brand specialising in natural hair care products for men, women and children. Offering a wide variety of products for washing, styling, dying and nourishing different types of hair. Their goal is to make the world as green and sustainable a place as possible. Over to Sarah.

The American novelist and environmental activist, Wendell Berry, once said:

The earth is what we all have in common“.

As parents it is not just our responsibility to be more conscious we must also teach our children about sustainability. I’m often asked ‘how sustainability as a concept can be taught to a child’? In short; quite easily!

Introduce Gardening To Your Child

Gardening can be a great activity to keep your child busy while doing good for their environment. You can start by planting seeds or buying potted plants. They could help you water the plants or make green compost from your kitchen waste. 

Making compost is very easy. According to a study in 2017, the USA generates 258 million tonnes of waste per year and 40% of the waste comes from food, which can be utilised in making compost. A great thing to show youngsters.

Replace Plastic With Natural Alternatives

96% of children’s toys are made of plastic. Plastic toys contain chemicals like Phthalates, which disrupt hormonal balance in the body. Sustainable alternatives include – wooden or handmade toys created from clothes/jute. These are 100% biodegradable and do not have any negative influence on your child’s body.

By not habituating your kids to plastic, you can encourage them to live consciously throughout their life. They will grow up to use steel or glass bottles, opt for e-books and the like. 

Educate About Green Consumerism

“Green Consumerism” is the practice of using eco-friendly and ethically sourced products. Over the past few decades, several companies across many industries have come to the forefront of our fight against environmental damage. It’s a good idea to incorporate such brands and messages into your kids’ lives. You can now find a sustainable brand for many common products, ranging from electric cars at Tesla to our Purc Organics shampoo bars.

Conserve Energy

Set the example! As the world advances and technology gets more advanced, energy requirements are going to shoot through the roof. The main source of energy in the modern world is fossil fuels. However, according to data, the world is going to run short of fossil fuels in the next fifty years. Hence, it is essential to reduce power consumption and utilise sustainable sources of energy.

Saving energy is not just confined to homes. You might want to encourage your child to use their bicycles or opt for walking when they go out. Even when they go off to school, it is better to car-pool with neighbouring children and save energy as well as money.

Clothe Wisely

As of 2020, “fast fashion” is estimated at $53.7 billion dollars and is expected to grow exponentially in the future. It is also one of the most polluting industries. It is time to educate children about sustainable clothing.

Sustainable clothing means the cloth fabric is derived from eco-friendly sources, the workers involved in making the garments are well paid and the clothing can be recycled after use.

At the moment, the fashion industry is flooded with cheap materials which are hard to recycle. These are petroleum derived fabrics that harm the environment. Some of the worst for our environment are Polyester, Spandex, Lycra and Satin. Yet, these are popular among many people.

Shop wisely, think green,

Sarah and the Purc Organics team

*This is not a paid post and all opinions held within are those of Purc Organics. If you’d like to guest post for us please email Berrit: enquiries@booberrit.com

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