Corona Virus: Stock Piling Food For Thought

In light of all the news of people panicking. Stock piling food, to survive a possible Corona virus apocalypse. Here’s my offering of food for thought.

First World Problems

We live in a country where it’s highly unlikely that a woman will die in child birth. But increasingly likely that postpartum she will consider suicide, attempt to harm herself and even take her life. Too often because of missed opportunities to help postpartum mothers, increased stress levels and decreased income, isolation, lack of funding and media scare mongering.

How much time this WEEK have you given to thinking about Corona virus? Next note how much time in the past YEAR you stopped to consider any vulnerable group in this country whether it be the elderly, young males, the homeless, the disabled ,new mums or otherwise. Now compare the time you allocated.

We’re losing lives

Committing our brain power to the possible issues of Covid. Giving our money to stock pile food from supermarkets who are already hoarding it, anticipating an opportunity to hike up prices and leave even more people vulnerable, unable to feed themselves and their families.

As a nation we’re demanding more be done to fight Corona and nothing to address the real issues affecting us in the U.K. like the fact that the government think an average Wage of £20k for London is pretty good! That leaving people jobless, homeless and hungry from the abandonment of companies like FlyBe is just what happens sometimes. That 65+ is a perfectly appropriate age to still be working at, that discrimination in the work place at “working class” level is rarely punishable, that food-share apps are a great way to stock food-banks and that waiting months for benefits no matter how urgent the need or how much of yours/your family’s life to date was dedicated to working and paying taxes, that falling upon unforeseen hard times is all the fault of the individual.

We can all protect our loved ones from Corona virus if we have appropriate incomes to buy food to feed them, homes to house them, meds to heal/sustain/ease them and government backed communities to feel supported and appropriately cared for in should something happen to change their/our circumstances.

Be the change, Don’t keep mum!


Berrit x

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