Christmas Gift Guide: Post-able Packages #AD*

Our Christmas gift guide is for post-able packages and easy to send presents. Because well will we? Won’t we? – Who knows!

I love giving gifts and this year more than ever it’s seems to much more important than ever before. Being so socially distanced from our nearest and dearest is difficult at any level. Sending packages in the post is a great way to let those you love know just they’re in your thoughts and just how much you miss them. The theme tied through everything in our gift guide this year is set around making those we’re separated from feel closer to us in our absence.


There’s no better way to stay focussed on the good times, than with photos. Our friends at Asda kindly gifted us a selection of their personalised gift range.

For our niece and nephew (in Greece), we’ve ordered this jigsaw puzzle. Set in one of our memory markers from our last summer together. It’s a sentimental reminder of better times to come, altogether again. Presented in a letterbox sized package it’s easily sent without having to worry if anyone will be home to receive it. Although, the chances of them being anywhere else is currently slim!

For my mum we selected all our best bits of family fun, from before Covid and popped them into a book for our favourite Grandma!

But by far our favourite was this canvas that we unashamedly gifted to ourselves! The perfect keepsake of the savages, to adorned by new work nook.

Post-able Packages

For Aunty Boo we’ve had this beautiful Ellie Beaumont watch, engraved by the Engravers Guild of London. They kindly gifted us the entire present so that we could go that extra yard to virtually close the distance. And the greatest aspect of this gift is that it also fits through the door. So even when she’s zooming and mumming and covering her entire pad in garland, she needn’t stop to answer the door. It’s also so well gift packaged that there’s no need to intercept and wrap!

To see our unboxing of Boo’s watch, check out the reel below.

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For Kids

For the rest of our niblings we’ve gone for a mix of clothes, shoes, books and wooden puzzles. The Middle of Lidl is great for postable wooden toys.

We’re in love with these Marc Jacobs, girls trainers. We were gifted the boys version by Kidsaround and they’re the perfect all ’round trainer and currently have 30% off! perfect post size, they also come wrapped and boxed in iconic Marc Jacobs packaging – who needs wrapping paper!

For Him

Subscriptions have been a brilliant way to give gifts that keep on gifting. For my brothers we’ve subscribed them to Beer and Cheese subscriptions. Because well a man can never have enough beer or cheese, right? For my dad we went for the Harry’s shaving subscription, which is great value for money and means one less essential item for him to have to pop out for! Tgeir shave plan works out to be about £2 per blade.

What are you gifting for Christmas this year? Share your gift guide ideas in the comments below.

Holidays are coming!

Seasons greetings,

Berrit x

*This is an unpaid article, but some of the items included were gifted to us by various groups and companies. Where ever an item has been gifted, we’ve made sure to disclose this. All opinions within this article our our own.

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