Family: Valentines *Gifts List

Wow what a long year January was! But can mean only one thing, it’s time for our family valentines gifts list. Because let’s face it, we could all do with a little extra love and joy in our lives right now.

*For the purpose of full transparency some (but not all) of the family valentines gifts featured in this guide were gifted to us for review. However, this is not a paid ad. I’ve added * wherever items were gifted.

For Couples

One of our favourite go to’s for gifts is Asda. As they always have a great range of fun and affordable gifts. From personalised cards to *mugs that’ll brighten up even the dullest of Mumdays!

Whether it’s your first Valentine’s Day together or your 25th, there’s nothing more romantic than receiving gifts tailored specifically to you. Why not also check out:

Photo Books from £6.00

Canvas Prints from £12.00

Desk Art from £11.00

Now this next gift is kind of vanilla and not very sexy at all. But I’m so in love with them! They’re stainless steel, 2 mug flasks. Absolutely perfect for family/couple winter walks and post pandemic days out! Bought in Home Bargains for less than £3 a piece.

No, valentines would be complete without a sultry, candle lit evening. Also from Home Bargains was this candle for 99p. This particular scent reminds we of Jelly Belly beans and is really invigorating.

For The Kids

This year we’ve treated the family to a box of Lush goodies. Taking baths has become a bit of a hobby for all of us, now swimming lessons and beach holidays are off the books. For the kids I always go for interactive soaps rather than just a bog standard bath bombs. Some of our favourites are:

Rainbow soap putty

The Lollipop bubble stick

Glittery soap wand

Their products are vegan with all natural ingredients. However, make sure to patch test kids with sensitive skin! P’s skin is particularly sensitive, which is why the bubble wand is quite a good shout for her. It lasts more than one bath and is made more to be dipped rather than dissolve into the water.

Trigger warning the above (lip shaped) lollipop bubble stick smell like red bull!!!

This year we plan to celebrate every holiday. So, we’ll be giving gifts to all the family at valentines, including the kids!

Last month was our 6th wedding anniversary, for which Booberrit dad bought me the most gorgeous locket. Although I’ve not been able to wear it as P is equally in love with it. *Enter LoveLox! Who have gifted her this gorgeously engraved, silver locket. They even personalised it with pics of me and the boys inside. They make the most perfect valentines family gifts ever! I’ve engraved P’s locket with:

“Always here x”

I honestly can not wait for her to see it. Head over to Lovelox to order one for your special some one

If (like me) gold is more your bag check out the *gold bee charm bracelet range from Inscripture. They currently have free delivery on all UK orders.


If words of affirmation are your SO’s love language, why not look at journals. Journaling this year has really helped me to organise my thoughts and help clear my mind of anxiety. My favourite finds have been the *daily goal setter from mal paper. It’s brilliant for creating tasks, list and micro-organising as well and jotting down your goals. It’s been perfect for structuring my day.

I’ve also been doing daily doodles in this beautiful leather bound journal from Moonster. Possibly one of my most favourite Christmas gifts, doodling at the end of an intensive day has been a great way to quietly and gently off load.

Something Different

Climeworks uses direct air capture technology to remove carbon dioxide from the air. The carbon dioxide is then stored underground where it turns to stone through a natural process of mineralisation – making the removal completely permanent.

Climeworks offers three different Valentine’s Day gift cards: a three month, a half-year and a one-year explorer gift. Or create your own subscription gift package by choosing the amount you’d like to pay. However you choose to do it, you can create the perfect sustainable gift to inspire your loved one and show them just how much you care about them.

Do you give family valentines gifts? Whatever you do this 14th, whether you celebrate with family valentines gifts or not, make sure to check on your loved ones.

Lots of snogs and bear hugs love,

Berrit & Co x

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