She might not be a shy person but Mum Muddling Through is definitely a shy blogger! Check out Episode 7 of Twenty Questions over on our IGTV and get an honorary tour of the MMT crib. Go have a nosey! In the mean time here are her 20 questions.


1) Twenty questions?

Yeah sure, come in!

2) Spots or stripes?

Stripes, definitely.

3) Headbands or Tiaras?

Headbands, definitely

4)Can you remember how we met?

We were at the shindig. You came and tapped me on the shoulder with a massive smile and said hi!

5) Scamp or Dude?


6) What’s your most favourite view from your home?

Hmmm, one sec. I’ve got to show you… It’s got to be this, it never gets boring!

7) What’s the easiest veg to grow with your kids?

Courgettes, definitely not the easiest to get them to eat though!

8) Running or cycling?

Running every time.

9) Bots or sandals?

Ow that’s hard. I’d say boots, I love a Chelsea boot.

10) Weeding or sowing?

Weeding funnily enough.

11) You an over thinker or over doer?

Probably both but if I had to chose one, over doer.

12) What’s your perfect quiet time?

Probably going for a long run.

13) Aliens take over, where do you hide?

My mother-in-laws garage as there’s enough food and drink to last a lifetime.

14) What was the first thing you saw today when you woke up?

This big moggy, sitting on my head.

15) Are you home school or school, school?

School school every time!

16) How old is your tortoise?

About 25.

17) What’s your favourite season.


18) What’s your life’s mantra?

Be the change you want to see in the world by Mahatma Gandhi

19) What do you love most about your family?

They’re as bonkers as me and they make me laugh.

20) What’s been your favourite blog post to date?

That’s hard because the best blog posts are the ones that are the hardest to press publish on. So, I’d probably have to say ‘Last Orders’ about when I gave up alcohol.


A big thank you to everyone that has taken part in the series so far. We’ve received an unbelievable amount of participation and support from the blogger/influencer community and it’s blown us away.

Watch Sarah’s episode below!


Berrit x

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