Parenting In A Pandemic: Feeling Forgotten

Anyone else feeling forgotten? I’m finding it so lonely out here, parenting in a pandemic. I feel so overwhelmingly over entitled but I just can’t fight the feeling of abandonment. I know I’m fine, but I feel so flat!

Parent Power

Becoming a parent can often feel like donning an invisibility cape. All of a sudden you become so un-visable, that even if someone really tried their hardest to focus they’d still not be able to make you out. It’s no wonder then that so many of us parenting in this pandemic are feeling forgotten or just simply irrelevant. If you’re reading this, nodding along, I want you to stop (just for a second)… one, solid second. Now listen: I see you, cape and all! Read that again, until you feel it. I see you, I really do!

When I decided to embark on my parent journey did I think it’d be engulfed by a pandemic? Narp! Did I think I’d be working and parenting all at the exact, same time, no restbite, stuck amidst the same four walls, day in day out. No fucking way! But we are and this could go on for a while longer yet – sorry to be the doom and gloom. I’m just not feeling it at the moment, what ever it is!


But you know what I mean right? Tell me you feel the same way too. Actually you already have! I don’t know what came over me, but the other day my inner narcissist grabbed my phone and I began ranting to the parental TikTok tribe. In my defence there was literally no one else, even my two and four year olds are sick of the sight and sound of me.

It’s difficult, but not forever

Whether you’re at home trying to work through this crisis, study, educate or simply stay well through this crisis, if you’re shielding or sheltering or desperately trying to maintain a battered relationship through this crisis or very likely a combination of the above; today was hard! But a year ago we thought we’d never make it through the first week and somehow here we are, still clutching tightly, still getting up and turning up. Still putting up the sails and powering our crew through. So, hold on, call out, tell me you see me too! We might be flailing around on different boats, but knowing you’re out there, navigating the same stormy seas, keeps me going. Please say you’ll keep on keeping on too.

All my love and admiration,

Berrit x

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