Post Op: Getting Pets To Take Their Meds

So Baloo is 3 days post op. I don’t know about you but getting pets to take their meds is about as easy as catching a fish with your bare hands! It’s definitely been one of the most difficult elements of all of this. Second only to seeing my dog’s vagina fall out in the first place. I kid you not!

What Happened?

Baloo suffered a sudden, grade 3 prolapse. It was definitely the most scariest thing I’ve seen, and I’ve had a blundered episiotomy! We managed to rush her to the emergency vets, where in the dead of night she under went 4 hours of surgery! Post op she’s doing well. She’s drinking fluids and weeing and pooping, but her appetite has dropped considerably and she’s not happy with the flavour of the Metacam she’s on. Especialy as it needs to be added to her food.

Looking For Hacks

Always with phone in hand, I crazily started searching for ways of getting pets to take their meds. And nothing, not on any platform or search engine. Until… Wait for it… Out of shear desperation I searched TikTok. Not going to lie here, I was more looking for an escape through a mind numbing rabbit hole of dance moves and pranks to ease my worries. But instead I found Chefsanddogs an account dedicated to finding ways to get pets to eat the most curious, yet healthy recipes you could think of, with an ASMR twist!

Real Life V’s Pinterest

Look theory and practice rarely go hand in hand, anyone that’s seen me attempt to bake a cake knows that. But, sheer luck brought up a video with one of his dogs who are on Antinol. A green lipped mussel supplement that Baloo also takes and loves! After doing a bit of research I discovered that a great way to get dogs (and cats) to eat their food is to cover it in fish oil. So I mixed Baloo’s dry Tails kibble with the Metacam, pierced one of her supplement capsules and covered the entire mix in the oil. The bowl had barely hit the floor and she’d polished off the whole, lot! Every, single bite!

Other ways

Much like humans, no too pets are the same! They have allergies and preferences. So why not try some of the following foods to get your pets to take their medication. Remember always check with a veterinary professional about the safest way to administer prescribed medication to your pet.

Peanut butter

Cheese slices

Tuna juice

Salmon flakes

raw egg

As for our feline friends, here’s a great video for getting cats to take capsules:

What are your pet hacks for getting them to take their meds? Let me know in the comments below.

Much love,

Berrit x

NB: Although I’m advocate of Antinol, this was not a paid advert. All opinions within this article are my own.

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