Easy Bake: Hearts & Rainbows Biscuits

These easy bake hearts and rainbows biscuits are not for the pro baker. But, I’m guessing that if you’re googling ‘easy bake’, you’re probably a below par baker like me or have more kids than time on your hands! This recipe and activity is designed to be as much a easy, messy play session as it is a quick biscuit fix!


To make these easy bake biscuits all you will need is:

100 Softened butter

50 Caster Sugar

150 Self-raising flour

The best bit about this recipe is that as long as you keep the dry to wet ratio the same you can pretty much throw in anything. For the biscuits we made today we added an over ripe banana, a splash of vanilla and a large table spoon of crunchy peanut butter. I weighed the extra wet mix (banana, vanilla & PB) and added the same amount of extra flour.

How To Bake

You’ll get about 16-18 small to medium sized biscuits from the above ingredients. Once all mixed into a dough, scatter some flour on to a works surface or chopping board. then divide up your dough.

These biscuits will be done in around 12-15 minutes at approximately 160 deg C. Make sure to pre-heat your oven and grease your tray before popping them in.


To make the hearts roll the dough into balls, flatten and use your index finger to create a dip in the top centre. Finally pinch the bottom to create a point.


To make your dough into rainbow shaped biscuits, simply roll the dough into snakes, then bend and flatten. Then scatter with rainbow sprinkles.

And why not try other shapes or use cookie cutters for a more professional finish. For kids making biscuits is lots of fun as it’s basically edible playdough! This recipe is great as it contains not eggs and so can be eaten raw and adapted to be vegan (exchange butter for plant based margarine).

For more kid friendly baking ideas, why not check out some of our other recipes and let us know how you get on in the comments below.

Happy Baking!

Much love,

Berrit x

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