How to Get Views on TikTok: 3 Easy Tactics

Ever wonder why a basic TikTok on everyday British life trends, while one you’ve spent hours on tanks? Here’s how to get views on TikTok. Spoiler alert; it’s way easier than you think!

Make A Connection

Video is the most engaging form of content. So use it as an opportunity to face your audience and connect. It’s been proven that when people face the camera to record viewers are more likely to continue watching until the end. Now more than ever people are eager to connect and engage, it’s hard to do that if people can’t see the content creator or the subject of the video.

It Is Who You Know

To get views on TikTok you really need to be following people that consume content that’s similar to that which you create. A big mistake I made early on was that I tried to share Parent Toks (my niche) with TikTok crafters; the kind of Toks I like to watch. It’s cool to watch different styles of content. And you should use the platform to entertain yourself. However, if you’re after views of your own content then you need to search out the right audience to view it.

Don’t Mime

Well, not all the time anyway! You want to hit your 4 E’s:





So, miming and dancing is a good way to get people to watch what you’re doing. But, the best thing you can do is to make sure you use your own voice in at least some of your TikToks. Using your own voice creates original sound that other TikTokkers can use in their videos. Each time this happens, your video gets pushed bk up the feed and you get to piggy back off of their video’s engagement.

Are you TikTok famous? Do you already know how to get views on TikTok? Why not share your tips, hacks or questions in the comments below.

Happy creating!

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