Spring/ Summer : Fashion Edition

Spring has sprung! Too soon? Well I see cherry blossom so for me it’s time for a Spring/Summer fashion edit! Spring is finally upon us and it got me thinking of those hopeful days of tea dresses and short sleeved blouses. After such a long winter, new fashion has never seemed so welcomed. We are all needing to add some fresh colour into our wardrobes and spring is the perfect time with all it’s symbols of new beginnings. This year we deserve that more than ever. So let’s delve into this season’s essentials.

What are the trends?

You will either love or hate this trend: collars! You may have noticed people have been adding them to everything and the summer dress is the must have this spring. A sharp white collar against a floral print is the perfect addition to any spring 2020 wardrobe. It can be worn to the office (bet you never thought you’d miss that) or for a day-remember those? You can add your own or the high-street provides many all-in-ones, a-la H&M.

Take this dress, £29.99 from H&M. Wrap dresses are always a classic for spring/summer fashion edition. This year is no exception. Whether you go for block colour or add a floral, wrap dresses are flattering on every shape but especially on curves and the more ample chested.

I adore this ditsy floral ruffle hem wrap dress £17.99, New Look. It wouldn’t be a spring/summer fashion edition without mentioning florals! What can I say? They simply brighten up the day, even the Aprily showers ones. Dressed up with heels or down with kicks, floral dresses are the fun part of getting dressed in the morning.

There is something to be said for simple and comfy pieces. This dress has it all! It’s cool, floaty and perfect for those picnic days plus the colour is just beautiful. This collection has been excitingly anticipated, it’s that of Carys Whittaker and In The Style. It’s a mix of comfort, formal and floral pieces; ready to be a spring staple. This range also comes in maternity and plus up to size 28.

Transitioning from winter to spring

Ah the mini skirt! As the days get longer hems get shorter and the mini skirt has been a timeless piece for decades. It also transitions well into winter too (hello tights). In the warmer months I’m all about the bondi sands tanning cream, just me? One of my favourites minis is this Zara pleated skirt with popper button detail. Do not be put off by the faux leather, its light weight and the leather isn’t on the underside so isn’t directly on the skin. It comes in 3 colours with the tan and lilac perfect for spring.

Wide legged, tailored trousers are simple and elegant! Try true vintage clothing companies like Rock ‘n’ Romance vintage. Go for an all round cut, that’s lightweight and just skim over the legs. So it’s lose for the warm weather and can be layered up for winter. The colour choice is all yours!

Now this is more of wow piece but if you’re anything like me you’d still wear this a on sunny day on a trip to Tesco because it’s just that good and must be shared! Friends fans will know that Rachel dress; mint green, side thigh split and utterly gorgeous. Well, its duplicate is now available! After years of wishing (my) dreams have come true. Pair it with strappy sandals and you are ready to go. Now if only I could achieve that Rachel hair.  

How can I personalise the trends?

These are just a handful of favourites trends and spring classics that we all have in our wardrobes and will never go out of fashion. However, trends are there for your interpretation. Take what you love and leave the rest or take nothing and just relish in the knowledge that floral patterns, maxi dresses and sangria are on the horizon. Try not to dwell on the constant C19 narrative and let fashion re-centre your focus. I am aware this spring will be very different than previous years and perhaps fashion isn’t at the top of everyone’s lists. But, I believe fashion can change how we feel not only about ourselves but our environments and circumstances too. This year the distraction is more than welcome for me. Even if I end up just in my back garden or glamorously walking the dog, fully fabulous in floral.

Keep styling,

Sophie x

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