Pet Arthritis: Happiness In Motion *Unpaid AD

This week we’re working to support arthritis by putting happiness in motion. For some time now I’ve been dealing with OA (osteoarthritis). I’ve mobility issues with both my knees because of it. Osteoarthritis is a long-term condition and cannot be cured. Although, it can be managed and even prevented. In fact just how well it is managed can be life changing.

Pets like cats and dogs often live a far more high impact life than humans. But, are unable to verbalise any daily mobility struggles they may be suffering with.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

The main symptoms of osteoarthritis are joint pain, stiffness and problems moving the joint. Both people and pets often also have symptoms such as: swelling, tenderness, grating or crackling of joints. The severity of osteoarthritis symptoms can vary greatly. Discomfort can differ from patient to patient and the different affected joints.

For some, the symptoms can be mild and may come and go. For others the experience may be continuous and severe. Chronic OA can hinder the joy of everyday activities. Almost any joint can be affected by osteoarthritis, but the condition most often causes problems in the knees and hips.

For human OA you should see your GP if you have persistent symptoms of osteoarthritis. That way they can confirm the diagnosis and prescribe any necessary treatment. For pets, Houston based vet Dr. Brian Beale has developed an online mobility assessment tool. Driven by the hope of putting happiness in motion. The idea being that pet parents are trained to spot the signs of mobility struggles as early as possible!

Pets Suffer Silently

I was shocked when reading a recent study by the Canine Arthritis Management charity. It showed that 80% of dogs over the age of 8 have arthritis, ( a major cause of elective euthanasia). Furthermore it is often undiagnosed as many suffer in silence; do you speak dog? And what about our feline friends? Cats are stoic by nature. As part of their inbuilt survival they actively mask pain. This means that many pet owners are completely unaware of the issues their pets are dealing with, on a daily basis.

Why Movement Matters

Our rescue pug, Baloo has long been an advocate of Antinol. They are committed to putting happiness in motion and raising awareness around mobility and pet arthritis. Arthritis awareness for both pets and people is much more than just the period of May 14th-21st. Antinol understands that it can be a life long journey managing a pet’s mobility issues. They’re up for the challenge to get pets and their people moving again. If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that Pets bring us together! Even more so now than ever before! For all pets movement matters; movement is freedom, movement is living, movement is happiness! 

Keep moving, stay happy,

Berrit & Baloo xx

*This is an Unpaid AD for Antinol® a 100% natural supplement for aiding pet arthritis in cats and dogs However, all opinions stated are our own. For more information on Antinol® and for a FREE 30-day Mobility Booster of the product, visit

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