Pandemic Parenting: Should Kids Wear Masks

If there’s anything 2021 has taught us is that pandemic parenting is draining! Should Kids Wear Masks? Seems to be a question that pops up again and again. And yet, I’ve never found a definitive answer. I know I’m not the only one wishing that they could just be told what to do. Just give me the answers to this and many other questions like it.

With both kids preparing to begin their school journeys next month and the news blarring with an inevitable winter lockdown, like most my stress levels are high. I can’t help wonder whether despite continued lowering of restriction, whether I should begin getting the kids to wear a mask too. We’ve avoided public transport until now, but it’s inevitable we’ll have to take a bus, taxi or tube at some point. But also what about schools, classroom are basically germ factories, right? G & I are both fully vaccinated and the kids only 3 & 4. However vaccines only offer 60% protection and I’ve heard of at least 3 people in the past week, who are fully vaccinate but still caught Covid. Personally I will continue to wear my mask, but what about them?  Still unable to decide I hit the Facebook Fam, more specifically our private Don’t Keep Mum group on Facebook.

Parent Panel

I put it o our panel and asked them directly: Should kids wear masks? Here’s what some of them said.

I think they should, it’s not much to ask to safeguard others. it’s a very tricky one. I am seriously vulnerable so I would prefer they did but would it be enforceable with little ones, I am not sure.

-Retired teacher and mother of 2

Teachers yes. But not once in classroom and only in primary school as bubble contained. Children no. also kids and snot etc masks would get wet quickly they aren’t going to change them and then become void- it’s so tricky

-NHS worker & mother of 2

Absolutely should. Lily has had to wear masks from class to class in high school. My son (6) wears a mask sometimes out of his own will. I don’t think it’s much to ask


The teachers at my son’s school use a clear face shields and if you are concerned you can get them from amazon for kids.
There’s going to be another lockdown I think especially with the delta variant
I do feel on things like public transport and planes it’s best if they can, especially now with it not being law. I just took the train from Leics to Harrogate for work and the amount of people getting tanked up at the newly opened pubs and then falling about the carriages without masks was really scary! But I’m not sure in a classroom setting it’s for the best when it comes to their development- but I really struggle weighing the two up against each other!
-Mother of 2
I’m not sure it helped me find a definitive answer asking others, but what it did do is put me at ease somewhat. Knowing everyone is having similar worries, but ultimately the vast majority of us are trying to do the right thing.
What do you think; should kids wear masks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Better still head over to Facebook and become part of the conversation.
Berrit x

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