Christmas Decorations: Easy Festive Bouquets

Christmas Decorations: Easy Festive Bouquets

Check out these easy festive bouquets; it’s time to get Christmassy Grinches! Whether you’re secret santa’ing, looking for filler gifts for the neighbours and fam or just in need of a Christmas lift these easy festive bouquets make perfect, gift worthy Christmas decorations. So simple to make, I literally boshed these out last thing, on the wrong side of midnight, last night.

I actually can’t believe how well they turned out. They’re so gorgeous and perfect for mamas like me who nearly always end up madly last minute gifting! No matter your budget you’ll be able to find materials to make your own festive bouquet. Top tip: re use wrapping paper from past presents you’ve been gifted, pink and dry flora from country walks and take trimmings from under your Christmas tree for a thrifty, nifty DIY addition to your Christmas decorations this year.

What You Will Need for Your Easy Festive Bouquets

As well as wrapping paper (I feel brown is the most effective), parcel string and scissors, you will also need a selection of Christmas trimmings. Perfect for this are:

Fir tree trimmings


Dried Grass

Willow branch

Bull rushes

Go a little extra with your DIY Christmas bouquet by letting some of your bouquet sit in your favourite infuser oil, before bundling them up. Or why not go all out and spray some of your bouquet with metallic spray paints.

How To Make Your Christmas Decorations

As with all my projects, it honestly couldn’t be simpler, or cheaper! The hardest part is capturing a solid 15, child free minutes to focus! But to aid you in your Christmas endeavours, I’ve also put a short ‘How To’ video together on our TikTok page.


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♬ Pop and bright Christmas songs – G-axis sound music


Here are the 5, quick steps to making your own DIY Christmas Bouquet.

Step 1: Select the cutting you want to use; less is more as each cutting slowly adds up and you don’t want to be trying o man handle what you’ve made into the paper at the end.

Step 2: Bind all the cuttings together at the bottom of the stems with string – I’ve gone with brown to match with the paper. Coloured silk threads also look great.

Step 3: Cut a strip of paper, double the width of your bouquet and the same length the other.

Step 4: Fold in the top right and bottom left corners to turn your paper from a rectangle like shape into more of a wonky diamond.

Step 5: roll the bouquets in the brown paper and tie into place with some more brown string.

And you’re done!

Don’t forget to share your DIY bouquet tips in the comments below.

Merry Christmas!


Berrit x

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