Festa Italiana: Kid’s Pasta Masterclass

This is a gifted, unpaid Ad. In partnership with Salvi’s for Festa Italiana, Manchester 2019. All opinions within this article are our own.

The country’s biggest and best festival of Italian food, drink and culture is bringing a kids mini fest to this year’s event. To celebrate and spread the word we were invited to take a Bambini Pasta Masterclass. Led by the amazing Carmela Serano Hayes.

A traditional Italian Festival

Celebrating the joys of community, family and simply coming together! From kids to grandparents and everyone in between. As an Anglo-Hellenic family it hits all the right notes with us .

The Bambini Kitchen

Today with the help of Carmela we learnt just how easy it is to make good, wholesome food. At two (almost three) Theon is pushing boundaries all the time. Dinner time being a huge battle ground for us at the moment. Being allowed to have ago, he enjoyed experimenting with shapes and colours whilst preparing his pasta. Pride alone had him polish off every morsel of food he made. Which on its own is a total parental win!

Festa Italiana

Hosted in the heart of Manchester. And running from July 26th-28th (11am-6pm). There will be a VIP area for little ones at Cathedral Gardens. With an array of child friendly activities from Venetian mask making to vegetable pot planting, face painting and much more! Plus Carmela will be hosting another Bambini Kitchen. With a FREE fresh pasta making workshops, just like the one we took today.


Making your own fresh pasta could not be any easier or fun. You simply need flour, water, a rolling pin, and a bit of elbow grease! Don’t believe us? Then watch as we follow Carmela, don’t forget to subscribe!

Stay tuned for some fusion recipes inspired by our day at Salvi’s, coming up on the blog. Until then buon appetito!

Much love,

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